Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I have a younger sister who means more to me then she will ever know. When she first came into this world I was not to fond of her, but you have to understand that I was almost 6 years old when she was born and our dad left for Florida the day my mom went in the hospital to have her. This was not a business trip he was pulling a drunk and it is where he ended up. Well any this is not about the past but I needed to give a little history. I have always loved my sister I was just so jealous of her for so long. I just could not understand why she was taking over my world. As we grew up we became closer and closer. When our parents died it was hard on both of us and it got us even closer. I had a little boy and she absolutely loved him to pieces. She had him so spoiled. Then she got married and moved away and we started growing apart again. It was hard to stay close when I had two sons and they both have Fragile X syndrome. I had a hard time getting over this and I am not able to travel by myself with them. She has two sons also and they are all into sports and have lots of practices. So she stays pretty busy with them.

I am writing about my sister because her birthday is coming up on March 14! She is also going to have some surgery on March 25th. I am praying that everything will go good for her.

My Sister on my youngest son

my sister and my oldest son

Me my brother and my sister

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  1. In these days when families move far away it's difficult to keep a close relationship. Work at it!

    1. It is hard to keep up with family. These days times are less family importance.

  2. The pictures are so good. I'm glad you got to spend time with Cindy and Randy. Hope everything goes good with Cindy's surgery. I am behind on reading blogs. Can't seem to get everything done lately! Love you Vicki. Oh those pictures in your last post are great! Seriously! You could probably win a contest with that ice monster. I love all the pictures.

    1. Thanks! I can not wait to see your blog about your trip with Shelby. Love you to


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