Friday, March 20, 2015


Most of the time I really like my hair. I am  not one to keep it the same way for long amount of time. I know some people who never change their hair style and I just don't know how they do it. I have finally let my hair grow back out it is still not as long as I want it to get but I am really liking my hair a lot right now. I have tried very short hair like Dorothy Hamilton, and when Clay was born It was as long as it has ever been. Now that I am in my forties my hair is turning gray. I have to keep hair color on it about every 8 to 9 weeks. I hate it when I start getting a skunk tail down my part. 

My hair is a natural dark brown almost black. I have had it highlighted to the point it almost was blonde and sometimes it has been the color of a shiny penny not really  liking that color. Now I keep it my natural color dark brown. So I asked the farmer if I am getting to old to keep my hair its natural color. He has always liked my dark hair so he really likes it. My questioning is coming from here lately the high school students that was at school when I worked at there will just blurt out in front of any one,  "Ms. Garner did you color your hair? " I always tell them the truth and say this is my natural color.  Oh well I like it so I will keep it up.

Thanks for stopping by. I know your are probably thinking that was a crazy hair story.


  1. I like your dark hair too. Let it keep growing. It looks so pretty! You sure look like a Thomas in that bottom picture. Wonder why? : ) Love you Vicki.

    1. Yeah I wonder why? Thanks for the complement!


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