Saturday, March 7, 2015

Got my new camera...

I got my new camera and so far I love it!! I am going to sign up for the photography class for my birthday in April. I am hoping by then the weather will be cleared up and warmer so I can get out and take some pictures. I have taken a few with it. I have taken more than this but I did not want to post them all so I picked some of my favorites.

My neighbors donkeys

Red birds in the snow

Ice monster on the truck wheel when we came home from Asheboro

our biggest snow

Full moon coming up

Looked out the front window and saw a turkey gobbler
I was so excited when I saw the turkey. I was walking by our big bay window and I thought I saw a big black dog in the pasture. I stepped back for a second look and it was a turkey. I grabbed my camera and when to the window to try to get its picture and I missed. I called the farmer at the chicken house to tell him what I saw. Later when the farmer got home we were sitting at the same bay  window and there was the turkey again. This time I had my camera out and I captured him before he got away.

Clay on the farm

House Sparrows

Gold Finches and House sparrow


Tit Mouse

House sparrow


I hope I can get better at it and get a lot more bird pictures this spring and summer.  There is a skunk in our neighbor hood along with a chipmunk living in my yard. I really hope I can get a picture of both of them this year. 
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  1. You are having fun with the new camera. Cameras do much better these days...much better depth of field.

    1. Yay you made my day. I thought I had lost you as a follower for ever. I will try to do better!


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