Friday, June 10, 2016

More of Him and Less of Me

I started a new bible study for the summer help me start once again putting God first  and losing weight. We will be doing "Take back your Temple". I am still struggling to get my food under control. I do eat less and I try to eat so much more healthier. But when you have a little family restaurant that makes the best cheeseburgers all the way it is hard to so no. I do give up almost all of my fries though. I still have a small piece of dark chocolate everyday. I am still exercising and tomorrow is the last day of my 3rd round of 21 day fix. I am still doing my zumba exercise 2 days a week also. I am not doing as much walking because my hip joint just can not take it. I have goals to accomplish before April.

Do you know that I am not even 50 years old yet and I can not sit on the floor cross-legged (indian style). I can not touch my toes anymore, I can not do sit ups anymore and to me that is so sad. I am feeling older than I am. I can not even get up and down off the floor with out a big deal. These are some of my goals to accomplish. I want to be able to do everyday of the 21 day fix video  with out modifying. I am getting more determined everyday.

This morning is the first time since Thanksgiving that I have weighed under 200 pounds. I weighed 198.6 this morning. Happy Dance!!!

They cut the hay over in the pasture this week and scared up two turkey hens off their nest. Luckily they did not hurt the turkeys or the nest. They appeared to come back to them later that evening. I am really hoping that they hatch.

This is the first nest

this is the second nest.

Look how pretty my little flower bed is doing

Seth trying to be brave a pet the kitty

He is a little scared of cats so he is really being brave.

I thank you for stoping by.

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