Sunday, May 29, 2016

Loving the weather...

Well I have been loving this warm weather after that cold spell last week. We have been going out and staying until 9 in the evening. I am still committed to doing my exercise everyday! On Tuesdays and Thursdays I am still going to dance fitness and on Thursday nights I do dance and pilates. I am really wanted to get this weight off and I am doing better with my food. This week I could have done better but I love a cheeseburger from a little diner and I had one two times this week. Oh well I have been doing better really I have.

I actually laid out in the sun 2 days this week for an hour at a time. I use to could lay out in the sun all day but the older I get the harder it gets. I do it because tan fat looks better than white fat. LOL!

We also set out some flowers and some more tomato plants in our raised bed. I can not wait for some fresh veggies. Oh that reminds me the Farmer was digging up some hard dirt for me in my bed and a black snake come out of a hole and started striking at his face. Which was only about 2 to 3 feet away. I screamed and he killed it with the shovel. We try not to kill black snakes but this was necessary since it was striking at him. We also saw a car wreck this week. The person was not hurt.

Me laying in the sun

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This is where the Farmer was digging to plant my Shrimp plants and the snake was striking at him

My fig tree is growing

A doe was in grandma's field

I captured a female tanager at the pasture

Do you see the kitty hiding in the would pile at grandmas

Here is a close up of the kitty

The  Farmer just set out tomato plants and the cows watched us.

A rabbit sitting in the pasture

The garden is coming up

another picture of the garden

We found a big black snake at the chicken house. 
the car wreck

Today it is raining again. Sunday's are my rest day so I was lazy today. I ate to much junk food today. My goal for next week is to not eat any junk food. My cheat day is going to be Saturday and I have got to stick to this. 

Well thanks for stopping by I am really trying to do better with my blog. 

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  1. Oh Vicki, it is so pretty there. Your yard and the farm are beautiful! Look at you laying in the sun! That's what I want to do...old skin looks better brown too. :) I used to LOVE laying in the sun! You sound cheerful! Love you Vicki!


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