Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday and birds

Taking pictures of my food has helped me lose weight this week but I have been slack today taking pictures. We had spaghetti which is my second favorite food to pizza that we had yesterday. I did good for breakfast only eating 3 slices of cantaloupe and a cup of coffee. I eat a plate of spaghetti and a small salad with my light balsamic vinaigrette and one roll. I ate a small plate of spaghetti for supper and one roll. I had one of those small round cakes they sell close to the strawberries with fresh strawberries and fat free cool whip. I am not sure on calories but I am sure I went over today again. Oh I forgot I ate a few M & M's and 1/4 of a york peppermint patty with 6oz. of coke. Oh well tomorrow is Monday and I will be on full track again.

For two days the farmer, me and my boys have been bird chasing. I have been trying to capture another picture of an indigo bunting. I asked the farmer about calling in one with the bird call on his phone. So we tried it and it worked. It was so funny watching the birds trying to figure out where the bird was calling from.

See him checking out the phone?

the summer tanager

Female summer tanager

Female summer tanager

Now I need a new bird to chase and get a picture of. I need to look up some native birds to see what I can find. 

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for being so boring but it is my struggle to lose weight and I am loving taking pictures of birds. According to the research I have done I could be doing so much better if I had a 400 mm lens but I am happy with what I am getting.

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