Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fallen off the wagon

I have fallen off the wagon once again. I never know how much Mother's Day affects me until it is over and done with. I have eaten like crazy since last Saturday. I have not walked or exercised very much except for a little walk with my family and working in my flower garden and planting our garden. I miss my mom so much and there are so many times that I would give anything to talk to her for just a few minutes but that would never be long enough. I have got to get back on track again but I am so frustrated because it is like I can not lose any weight. I know that some of my problem is that I am not eating enough vegetables. I have really thought about doing weight watchers again but I really like doing fitnesspal. It is so easy with my phone tracking my calories but it just don't seem to be working anymore. I am only eating 1200 calories and my doctor said not go below this amount of calories that my body will think it is in starvation mood and really stop losing weight. He has lost a lot of weight but giving up white food. I could do this but I like potatoes, and a bun for an hot dog or hamburger. I know I could give up these 2 foods but would it really be worth giving up white food. I also love a biscuit from Bojangles!!
     I need to do better and use my self discipline, will-power and pray pray pray!!!  I can not do a liquid diet. I don't want to waste the money to do Nutri-System, Weight Watchers or any other program that requires money to do and buy food.  I really wish I had a group of women or friends to diet and exercise with. I have always been a clingy person needing friends to talk to to keep me boosted up. When I stayed at home with the boys when they were little I had people to talk on the phone most days but now everyone has gone on with their lives and their children are grown. I have always had friends but I have never had a true life long friend. I have always wanted one but it just never turns out that way. Oh well this is getting off course just like me.

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