Saturday, May 3, 2014

A great day on the farm.

Oh what a glorious day. It has been beautiful here today. We have had a really good day also. The farmer got up and went turkey hunting this morning and he got he first gobbler of the season. He has been so busy on the farm he has not had much time to go.

Later in the day we went to the strawberry farm and picked some strawberries. I love strawberries and I am looking forward to eating some with cake and cool whip. Yes I bought an angel food cake and fat free cool-whip for Sunday dessert. We are planning on cooking out hamburgers on the grill tomorrow. I am looking forward to that to.

Later we went and put some flowers on Grandma Jewels and my dad's grave. Tomorrow is memorial day at my church and in memory of our love ones we put new flowers on the graves. The grave yard is beautiful with all of the pretty flowers. I will try to go out tomorrow after everything is put out. 

Grandma Jewels 

My dad Jackie Thomas.
I miss them both so much. It does not feel like my dad has been died for 21 years. I miss him everyday. Next Sunday is Mother's Day and memorial day at the church my mom is buried at. I miss her so much to.

Later in the day went to a ride on the mule and went over to the pond and to see the donkeys.
Looking across the pasture to the pond. 

Jenny was laying in the sun when we got there. 

We took them some cornbread muffins. Jenny loves them but Valentine did not try them.

Look how much the baby has grown.

The wild geese are still at the pond and the female is sitting on her eggs. Can not wait to meet the new goslings. Clay was great all day also. He sat at the end of the strawberry rows and watched his ipod while we picked. We also got to go out and visit the farmer's grandma today also. We picked her some strawberries. She froze 3 quart bags.

My sister-in-law posted some pictures of her other son who join the marines and is at Paris Island. Both of her twin sons are in the marines now. The whole family is so proud of them.
He is the 3rd man in line.

Well it is getting late and about time to get ready for bed. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I was just before leaving you a comment last night when Eli needed me! There is so much to say about this post. First Dan said tell Frank congratulations on the turkey. Will he mount the tail, and will you cook the turkey? Those strawberries look delicious. There is a big strawberry farm here in Louisburg. I want to go pick before the berries are all gone. They don't last long, do they. Oh, thank you for the picture of Mama's and Jackie's graves and the flowers. We live so far away it is hard to go there unless I go with Shelby and Jimmy. Didn't Shelby put flowers on mama's grave two weekends ago? The flowers are beautiful that you put on both graves. I am counting on Dan to go more places with me when he retires in two years. All I hear now is how tied down he is with Food Lion! Vicki, those donkeys are the cutest things I've ever seen. That's the kind I want! Maybe one day! Also love the picture of the Marines. They look so young. Hope they all will be safe. Didn't mean to write a book here! Love you!


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