Saturday, June 30, 2012

day 12 Can do Words

"I Can't" Famous words that I am sure that everyone has used at one time or another. I have said it many times!! I can't lose weight, I can't do it, I can't, I can't, I can't.  My mom use to tell me that "can't could never do anything". I have to say she is right. I miss my mom and her words of wisdom. I never thought she knew what she was talking about, you know how it was when you are a kid. Now that I am close to the same age she was when she died I realize how much she knew and I miss hearing her tell me her little sayings. Like, "let's get through today before we start worrying about tomorrow". "Don't throw rocks in a glass house". I can do a lot but a lot of times I am just lazy and give excuses. I just hope that I always have to strength and the courage to try to accomplish all of my dreams. Love you mom!!

Well today has been the second day of 100 + temperatures. We have not had any rain in a long time and everything is drying up and dying. We had a cookout today with Judy, Larry, Laura, Van, Dalton and grandma. Dallas was not able to come because he has a new job. We really had a good time visiting with them and getting what will be our last visit with Dalton for a while. He will be leaving in about 2 weeks to go into the Marines. I am very proud of him even though I have never really gotten to know him very well. I pray that he will do very good in the Marines and that he will not have to go to war. It is hard to see my nephews grow up, get their license, graduating high school, and now leaving for college and the marines. I am happy for them but sad for me. I know this is selfish to say and I know it even as I type the words. I have an almost 20 year son and a almost 17 year old son that have Fragile X syndrome. They will never get their license, graduate with a diploma from high school, or leave for college or anything else that other children/young adults will do. I am proud of them and all of their accomplishment and I would not trade them or my life with them for anything in the world!!

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