Thursday, November 1, 2018

It is already November

Where in the world has this year gone???? Here it is already November and this year has been a doozy!! We have had all kinds of crazy weather. We survived 2 hurricanes here in NC and we had the same flock of chickens through both hurricanes. We have had lots of rain and lot of hot temps. It has just been a crazy 10 months

The apple trees are blooming again Nov1

Frost came and the rest of the persimmons stuck to the tree

This tree lost all of its leaves and already grew them back

The peach tree is also blooming Nov 1

Yesterday we went out to our church for trunk or treat. I love seeing all of the costumes I took a few pictures 
This is my neighbors car Candy Land My car is beside it 

this is some of our cousins dressed like cows

This is our cousins so cute

Little red riding hood hat muffins in her basket for grandma

Dorthy wants the Farmer to give her more candy Toto was in her basket

He wanted to arrest us

Cutest little duck ever

this pirate was one of my favorites

Well if you made it this far thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

What a week!!

Well tomorrow will be 7 days since my baby boy had his oral surgery. It has been so stressful worrying about him eating foods that will not hurt his mouth. Making sure he is not in pain. But now I think he is playing me. I am not sure if I have ever explained exactly how fragile x syndrome affects my youngest son. He is 22 years old in week he will be 23. He has difficulty with communication skills. He talks but a lot of receptive talk. When he wants something he knows how to figure out how to tell you what he wants. I know him pretty well also so a lot of time I know what he wants. He has a high tolerance of pain but when he feels pain it makes him mad. He bites his hand a lot when he is frustrated or mad. Ok now that I have explained a little he is telling me every night when he wants to go to bed he starts saying tooth... tooth and then he wants medicine. I feel like his mouth should be healing pretty good after 7 days. He has not had any blood and he is happy all day long. He will not let me look in his mouth so I have no idea how it is healing. It is very worrisome but I know that God is in control and that he will take care of my baby boy.

Alright I got that off my chest on to other stuff. He has felt good enough to go and watch his daddy cleaning out the chicken houses this week. This is something that he loves watching the tractor and the bobcat.

Here he is with his hat, gloves and glasses on watching from the mule

He has also been begging for presents. He wants presents from the mailman, He wants presents from family for Christmas, He wants movies, gloves hats, and to go to the store. He wants to make list for the store. He is really pushing the sympathy he is getting from us. He is a mess but a good mess. Love that boy to the moon and back. He is my baby boy!

I have been trying to get myself back on track with my eating but with some stress still going on  I have not been as successful as I want. I really want to get to 189 by November 1st but it is not looking good. Here it is almost November and it is not good. 

We went and voted today. My oldest son loves to vote. He does an awesome job. Both of my sons are such a blessing. 

Thanks for stopping by and go vote!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Finally found a dentist..

My plan to get my act together in October fell all apart. I think I have already talked about my baby boy having a abscess tooth. It began September 20th. taking him to urgent care on Thursday evening and Dentist on Monday. No success at the dentist office. I have explained that my baby boy has fragile x syndrome which prevents him to allow a dentist to open his mouth to look, x-ray or anything without being put to sleep. Was told I would get help and an oral surgeon would take care of his tooth. In the mean time his tooth swelled up again and had to go back to urgent care for another round of antibiotics.The same I explained to them the situation and they said they could take care of him. Have a very early morning appointment and we get there and was sent home because they could not take care of his problem there either. During this time I have been trying to get him into Chapel Hill. There the person who I needed to talk with only works 2 days a week for a few hours. I spoke with her one time and she said she did not have the referral and could not help me with out this. After that I was not able to speak with them again only left messages. In the mean time I prayed and tried to find some one to help him. So the Farmer joined the mission to find someone. We called a pediatric dentist in Southern Pines whom referred us to call a pediatric dentist in Sanford NC. I called them and explained our situation and  they gave us an appointment to  bring him in for an evaluation. I did not feel the nervousness I had felt with both of the previous appointments I felt like God had lead us to the right place. The appointment went great. The dentist is very nice. He explained that he would do the procedure at the hospital and they would fix every thing that was wrong in his mouth. This was on Monday 15, Thursday 18 I took him to his physician and had his physical for the surgery and the dentist office called that afternoon with a cancelation on Friday 19 at 6:00 am. I could not believe that it happened so fast. He did great and all of his teeth are fixed and he is getting better from the surgery. God is good and lead us to this place that took care of my baby boy and said they could see him for all of his dental needs.

before surgery. 

If you read all this thanks for stopping by. God is good!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Weekend and Monday

Saturday we did not do a lot we have big chickens so we have not been wondering off to farm from the farm. My scales were good. If I can just keep them there all weekend. I got in booty day

My sweet boy wanted to pose with me after exercise. 

breakfast was 2 pieces of sausage eggs, grits and 2 biscuits 
We did venture out to Troy and got a Sir Pizza for lunch/supper I love Sir Pizza!

I forgot to take a picture before eating some of it.
We went out to grandma's and picked up persimmons. The tree is so loaded with persimmons that have not even ripened yet. 

Well the evening did not end well Clay's tooth swelled his check back up and we ended up taking him back to urgent care Sunday morning.

I forgot to weigh so I don't have a picture of the scales to share. I am so frustrated with the dentist and not getting his appointment to get this problem taken care of. We are suppose to be referred to Chapel Hill I am calling them 1st thing Monday morning.

While out we got a Bojangles ham biscuit for breakfast. I forgot to take a picture of it also I drank a 20 oz coke with it. 

For lunch I made a cheeseburger casserole with 85% ground round and I made us a salad to go with it forgot the salad picture.

this is really yummy
For supper I had a cup of pintos with some chili powder and 1 tbs of greek yogurt

dont look to yummy but it was good
Monday morning Oh well the scales were up this morning. 

Like really It makes you want to give up!

Breakfast was eggbeaters and oatmeal. After I got up and finished breakfast I called Chapel Hill and got the run around. I had to leave my name and number. It is going on 3 weeks and we still have not got nothing set for my baby boys tooth. So I called the oral surgeon to see if they could still pull the tooth so it will take care of the infection. So I have an appointment for 6:45 am October 11.  I am going to still make an appointment in Chapel Hill and just take both of the boys.

breakfast 1/2 cup egg beaters and 1/4 cup oatmeal
I had to make and appointment with his general practitioner and get him a prescription of valium to take before the surgery. That was more of and ordeal than I thought it would be. When we got there Clay went in and sit down in the waiting room. There was a man in there waiting to see the doctor and he started clearing his throat and coughing.Well this is one of the main things in public that Clay can not stand is for someone to cough or clear their throat. He went out the door and would not come back inside. I had to call the Farmer to come and help but this made Clay just go to the car. So the Farmer and Clay sat in the car while I waited for them to call Clay back to see the doctor. I was so happy they worked with me and that the doctor gave me the prescription so the surgery should happen Thursday. We ate lunch in the car while waiting for the doctor. I had 3 chicken tenders from the deli at the grocery store and a bottle of water. 

I had 3 boiled eggs mashed up into egg salad with 1 table spoon of olive oil mayo and vinegar, salt and pepper. I had it on a flat-out fold over. Forgot the picture of the egg salad but here is the folded. this is some good stuff if you have not tired it. I also had a shakeology and around 4 whole dill pickles I canned over the summer. 

I should have stopped eating right here but I wanted something sweet so bad I had a pack of vanilla nekot cookies with a cup a coffee and 4 natural peanut butter crackers. 

I know the scales will probably be up again tomorrow. I have got to stop stressing and get my baby boy straighten out with his teeth. Please say a prayer fo us.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Friday day 5

Oh my when is cooler weather ever coming in. I am beginning to think that we are never going to have a fall or a spring every again. It just goes to winter to summer and that is the only 2 season we have anymore unless you want to add the rainy season this year. Oh well maybe winter will come soon.

The scales were up just like a predicted this morning. I have tried to eat healthy today but I have not done my best.

It could have been worse but if I can keep it here or go back down over the weekend I will be happy. The weekend are always hard. I had 1/2 cup of eggbeaters with spinach, red onions and red bell peppers. I put my homemade salsa on top. 

I finished week one day 4 of Lift 4 today. It was leg day. I also did a 30 squat challenge. Booty is on fire🔥

After my workout I took a shower and had a shakeology. I always make the same kind spinach, pb2, 1/2 banana and coffee. 
Pardon the hair it is still wet from my shower

We had taco salad for lunch. 1/2 cup of 85% ground beef taco meat, lettuce tomato, red onion and red bell pepper, 1 tbs greek non-fat yogurt, 1 tbs. of  tortilla strips and my homemade salsa. 

I forgot to take a picture of my supper but I took a picture of the ingredients. 1 boiled egg, 1 tbs of chopped sweet pickles 1 tbs of the mayo. I had 10 saltine crackers with my tuna salad. 

My cheat for today was this. A pepsi and a dark chocolate kit kat.


Triscuts and 2 square of colby jack cheese. 

Maybe I did not eat to bad. I really am trying to stay accountable by posting my food on my blog and on my instagram. 

Thanks for reading my blog and all the support I get.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Day 3 and 4 trying to get it together.....

Day 3

I got the call from the oral surgeon to schedule Clays appointment to pull his bad tooth. While talking to the office the things that she was asking me made me very uneasy trusting my adult fragile x son with. I stressed about it the rest of the day until I finally called the dentist office and told her how I felt about it. She said she would help me and get it straighten out and if she had to she would get him an appointment in Chapel Hill. Well by the time the Farmer came in I talked him I was going to call  and get a referral to Chapel Hill. I will feel more comfortable with an dentist that has worked with special needs adults.

Now about my getting healthy. I liked what the scales said this morning

 I had a shakeology for breakfast 

This is lunch salmon patties cooked on the griddle, collard greens cooked with pam olive oil, peas, sweet potatoes cooked with lite butter, and truvia brown sugar, and I made weight watcher cornbread muffins. 

Yesterday was suppose to be a rest day but I did cardio core from 80 day obsession. Here is my sweaty selfie

Well the stress of worrying about the dentist and I ended up eating really bad for supper. I had 4 slices of bacon cooked on griddle, 2 slices of tomato, lettuce on 2 hamburger buns. Then I had 2 boiled eggs made into egg salad made with lite olive oil mayonnaise, vinegar, salt and pepper. I ate this on a hamburger bun also. I also had a bowl of chocolate Kellogg frosted flakes. I also had 3 peanut butter crackers. I think this is all I ended up eating. I really need to get a hold of my emotional eating. 

Day 4 

The scales this morning. I am so happy they did not go up or at least not yet. I told myself today is a new day and everything is going to be alright. You are not going to worry about Clay and the dentist because it will work out. 


I had my shakeology for breakfast and I did day 3 fo Lift 4 shoulder day.

I had a very late lunch because we ended up going to the grocery store and it was around 2 before I ate lunch. I had a Black Forrest Ham footlong sub from subway on wheat bread. The toppings were provolone cheese, all of the vegetables, and mustard. I had around 60 goldfish crackers, I had 6 triscut crackers with 2 squares of colby jack cheese. I also had a fiber one protein bar 90 calories and a 
pineapple popsicle 

Not sure what that is on my sub but I promise it is not mayo. 

I bet the scales will not be so forgiving tomorrow . I have drank 90 oz of water today. Oh well tomorrow is a new day and all will be good. I will have have success and I will get my act together. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Oct. 2 Day 2

I am really trying hard to eat healthy. It is so hard. I weighed again this morning and the scales were down but the question is can I keep it down?

I had another shakeology for breakfast. The same as yesterday. For lunch I had a open top cheeseburger with lettuce, 2 slices of tomato, 2 slices of bacon 1 slice of cheese and the bottom of the bun. I had zucchini fries with it.

For supper I had my prepped food of eggplant  parmesan and a salad of lettuce, red onion, and red bell pepper. I also had my 0 point cheesecake with blueberries 

I also had a gala apple, and 3 natural peanut butter crackers unsalted tops, about 8 green olives and 1 dill pickle. I drank 90 oz of water. I did my Lift 4 Biceps and Back today. 

Thanks for stopping by.