Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weight Watchers and 80 day Obsession

I am going to start doing weight watchers tomorrow. I am not going to the meetings. I am going to do it on my own with a friend. I am excited. It has been a while since I have done weight watchers. This is a new program Freestyle. I am also starting a new beachbody exercise program 80 day Obsession I am a little scared and excited to about this. I have been doing A little Obsessed for 2 weeks now. It was a preview of 80 days.

I am going to weigh, measure and take before pictures tomorrow. This program will last until April 5 so I am really hoping to lose pounds. I saw Dr Travis Stork on tv last week. He was taking question and one of the question sounded like it came from me. The lady asked "I exercise 6 days a week and I am still considered obese?" Dr. Travis said that women should measured her waist and it should not be over 35 inches. Oh well I have a lot of work to do. I need to really get serious and stop talking about it. It is so easy to come up with excuses. I want to be healthy. I want to live a healthy life. I really think I can do this with prayers and Gods help. 

Well if you read this far thanks for stopping by. Wish me luck and I can always use extra prayers.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Barn Kitty's

We went out to see the barn kitty's today. I can not believe how big they have gotten.

Maria she just wanted love and would not be still

Here comes Sam Look how big he is.

Sam he is so beautiful.

Eddie Housecat he might not be the most handsome cat but I like him 

Sam found a hiding place

I have been taking some picture for my brother. He wanted some pictures of barns I like this project. I really want to take more pictures this year. I got slack last year and very seldom took my camera anywhere with me. 

Loved the cows and the snow on the roof

same barn

The Farmer painted this barn when he was 5 or 6

same barn

Loved this big red barn

another view of the big red barn

Look at the sweet baby calf

same barn
Today was a beautiful warm day. It felt nice after those really cold days and nights we had. I am reading the bible in a year again. I really want to seek and find more answers and understandings. I have made a decision to start weight watchers again. I am excited about. This is just a rambling post but if you read this far I hope you enjoyed it. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

We got some snow!!

Wow it has been so cold getting down to 5 degrees at night and not above freezing during the day. Wednesday they were not really even calling for snow around here that I knew of but it came! I was so excited! You know how much I love to see snow. Especially the kind that comes and goes. Even though it has been so cold the sun has been shining and melted most of it around where we live.

Snow on the cars

Full moon in the snow

My clay pot snowman in the snow.

One week into the New Year and I have not lost any weight. I started my exercise back and I have hit play everyday. I am feeling it in my legs today. They are so sore. I have made the decision to stop going to Zumba. I added up how much I was spending on it and decided it is not worth it. I love doing beach body the best. I would love to start getting more walking in. But my main goal is work on my food intake. We have decided as a family to give up drinks, dark chocolate and our weekly pizza eating out. Now to make more drastic decision because as this week has shown that has not helped. I will get my act together with the help of God because I am not strong enough to do it alone. 

Thanks for stoping by. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year 2018

We are 2 days in to a new year. I have been searching my heart for a word for the new year. Last years word was "Change" I am not sure about how much change happened in my life. I did not have any success in reading the bible thru this past year. I lost 10 pounds and gained it back. I exercised everyday except on Sundays. I did take days off now and then to let my aching knees feel better. I turned 50 and loved it that I lived to be that old. Life was good to us. We had plenty from the garden and have been blessed with good health. Prayers that 2018 is good to us as well.

I finally decided on my word "Seek" 

Definition of seek

sought play  \ˈsȯt\seeking
transitive verb
1to resort to go to 
2a to go in search of look for b to try to discover 

3to ask for request 
  • seeks advice

4to try to acquire or gain aim at  
  • seek fame

5to make an attempt try  used with to and an infinitive 
  • governments … seek to keep the bulk of their people contented
  •  —D. M. Potter

Matthew 6:33King James Version (KJV)

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Jeremiah 29:13King James Version (KJV)

13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

My reason for picking this word is that I want to get closer to God. Learning more about his word and understanding it. I want to seek him and know him personally as you do a close friend. 

The New Year has started off a cold one. I am normally a cold weather kind of girl but this is to cold. 

Living on a farm and cold weather does not mix. The cows water is frozen. I hauled 2 5 gallon buckets 5 times to the cows for the Farmer. He had chicken house work that took him all day to fix. The heat seems to never cut off. We have been having a fire in the fireplace I started it today. I love having this skill. I learned from my mom. My youngest son loves sitting near the fire. 

We had our traditional New Year meals it was yummy. Collard, black eye peas, sweet potato, cornbread muffin, turnips, and bbq pork chops. 

Well once again I hope that I will do better with blogging, 

I usually make a few goals so here it goes:
GOALS for 2018:
Read the bible everyday and seek to know God and all of his Glory!
To be thankful and complain less
To be grateful I can exercise instead of complaining I don't want to and to keep doing them everyday except Sundays. 
I am really going to get a grip on my food aka eating habits this year with Gods help. 

Thanks for stoping by and may your New Year be filled with God's Love also. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017


Well Christmas has come and gone. I could right some bad things about the holidays but I refuse. So I will tell about all the good. The boys are old enough that they knew everything they were getting for Christmas. I love the fact though that they still believe in Santa Claus. I need to be a better mom and make sure they both have surprises. I still love Christmas and spending time with family. On Christmas day we spent in with the farmers parents and sister's family. We had a really good time and Clay stayed a very long time I was proud of him. 

Me and the Farmer

Yummy food

Yummy food


Farmer and his parents and sister

This is my family the best I could get of us 

My brother came and celebrated Christmas with me. My sister could not make it this year. It breaks my heart but I gave it to God. 

We gave them toy shot guns and a blind

 My brother painted me a picture of Jimmy

Jack and Judson hunting

Judson he really looks like his daddy in this picture!!

It is New Year Eve and I am looking forward to a new year with God leading my life!

Thursday, October 26, 2017


Wow this month is almost over and I have not found anything I wanted to write about. I think about then decide I have nothing interesting to talk about. I have been straining out persimmons and selling the pulp again this year. I have sold 100 bags or more not sure.

I finally stopped picking them up. There is an over abundance of them this year. But it does not look like we will be getting many pecan this year. The squirrels have taken them all. We are still getting tomatoes but there is frost expected Sunday night. We also got a lot of green peppers. I have froze 5 quart bags and still have a crisper full. Our tomatoes have taken a second growth also. We picked all of them to. 

Our salad patch is coming along really good. We have cooked to messes out of it so far and also we picked a mess for the Farmers parents. 

Our collards are coming along real well also. I can not wait to eat one of them. 

My cotton has grown a lot also. I am waiting for the leaves to die off to harvest it. 

I am discouraged with myself. I have not lost any weight in months. I am feeling burned out on exercise. I saw a video the other day that asked how bad do you really want to lose weight? Are you really trying to stick to the meal plan or are you having extra snacks or extra calories and trying to exercise them off? I know I sound like I am having a pity party. I know I have not been following a meal plan to the tee. I say I am going to do better on Monday and it never happens or I will do good all day. Then on Tuesday I eat bad. I know that many women fall in this same trap. I have read weight loss devotions for over a year. I have tried to turn to God and surrender to God to get help I want to get closer to God and to understand the bible. Most of the time I just feel so lost and desperate. I don't always feel like I have the connection with God like others say they do. I want to feel  him talking to me and pulling closer to him. I read blogs and follow people on social media that feel the pull of the Holy spirit and God telling or pulling them to do something. But you know what I don't know anyone personally that is always feeling God. Oh well I will never give up I trust that God will take care of me. I will always be his child that is washed by his Grace! Thank you God for your Grace and teaching me to be humble. God has got this!
Well thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Month of September...

We are 10 days into September and Monday morning is 4 hours away. I have already shared with you that I am reading a new devotion and I am starting the 5th week. Last week was talking about binging on the weekend to start the new dreaded diet on Monday. This seem to happen to me every weekend.  I am sick of falling into this trap. I really want to learn to focus my emotions to God and stop turning to food. I know that I need to let God be first in everything. I am a sinner and I need to totally break down and give it all to God and be still and listen. I have been reading these devotions on weight loss and God and I have yet to totally give it to God and turn to him in pray or scripture instead of food.

My goals for this month is to Pray, read the bible, study, and get as close to God as I can. I want to be known as a Christian woman that loved God and sacrificed for him. To do things that are pleasing to him. 

I also want to focus on healthy, whole food that I want and need to put in my body. Less sugar. I would like to eliminate sugar from my diet except my 3 blocks of dark chocolate and control servings of desserts.  I have 35 to 40 pounds I want to get off if it is Gods will. 

We are considering getting rid of Jimmy our bull. We got our new bull that we named Sully. He has started off crazy so I am worried that we should keep Jimmy. We are not sure that we can catch Sully again. He busted out of the trailer with a vengeance bending the metal door on it and bust through two in the pasture wire fence.  

Here are the girls Jimmy is visiting He is in the right back corner

Seth had a birthday Thursday. He is 25 years old how did this happen? 

Here is a big writing spider that is living in the garden. 

This is mama she is my cow. She has gray eyelashes now. 

My first cotton boll busted open

We got our collards set out.

My first harvest of persimmons 

We went and picked grapes Saturday

They were loaded and sweet!

So far September has been good but I wish I could get my eating in control. I know everyone is getting tired of me saying this but I keep praying that God is going to help get something to click. 

Thanks for stoping by not much of a post.