Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pictures around the farm...

Not a lot been going on around here on the farm. We have been keeping busy doing a little yard work, cleaning out buildings at grandmas and I am still keeping up with the diet. We went out to the pasture the other day and I got a picture of a Meadowlark bird. It is so pretty. The Carolina buttercups have been coming out in the pastures. The farmer went turkey hunting and the signs of them were all over his boots. 


buttercup flowers

they are covered 

A rose bud

The rhododendron at grandmas house  

Look at how big our potatoes have gotten. 

potato beetles 

potato beetles
I wish I would have gotten pictures of the building out at grandmas before and after cleaning out the well house building. It looks so good. The snowball bush was so pretty then we had lots of rain and it messed up. We have sugar snap peas that are growing nicely. It should not be long until they start blooming. My little herb garden is coming along. I have planted some lavender, rosemary and lemon grass again. I really hopes that it lives this year. Oh I almost forgot when we were cleaning out the well house building I found the cool green enamel bowl.
It is a little rusty but I love it

another view

Sugar snap peas 

Working on the herb garden

The rain beat all the blooms off the peony The petunia are volunteers 

Well this is not much of a post but but I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for stoping by.

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