Friday, March 17, 2017

Planting the Potatoes

This past week has been a crazy one for me. The 12th was the 24th anniversary of my daddy's death. It is still hard for me to believe that he has been gone this long. It makes me sad that I don't have any pictures of him with his first grandson. He came to the hospital to visit us the day he was born. But I did not even think about the camera. I did not even get a picture of my mom when she came to see us. This anniversary of his death was so memorable because it snowed just like it did when daddy died but it was the day after the 12. It got me to wanting to remember what happened the day he passed away. It seems like the older I get I can not remember what happened. It makes me sad. I called my brother and sister to see what they remembered but not much more than me. See daddy's death was so unexpected. He had been have what he thought was heartburn all day but ended up not being the case. I hate that I did not get to see him and tell him good by. I can not even remember the last time I had talked to him. I wondered if he was alone when he passed away or was he alone with only medical staff? I just made myself so sad. I know I have probably shared this picture before but when your parents pass away so young you don't have a lot of pictures to share. This is probably one of the last ones we had taken together. 

Snow March 12, 2017

This whole year seems so different to me. I am not sure if it is because I am turning 50 this year or what but I feel so sentimental. I would love to fix and plant all kinds of of veggies in the garden like from childhood. We planted a potato patch today and then I got to thinking I don't ever remember having a garden in my childhood. We picked a lot of vegetables and mom canned and froze food but we did not have a garden. I remember my granny had a small garden over the years. I told the Farmer today that I don't really know how to plant a garden. When I plant flowers in the yard they do not live as well or sometimes they die if the farmer does not help me. I don't have much of a green thumb. I helped the farmer put he seed potatoes out in the rows. I also laid the cabbage and broccoli plants out in the row for the farmer to cover in the dirt. 

The farmer plowing

The farmer making rows

row of cabbage


Farmer planting potatoes
I wanted to plant some cauliflower but they were already sold out of the plants. I hoping that we can plants some beets, some zucchini, spaghetti squash, and corn. We also bought us some sugar snap peas to plant also. I am ready to have fresh veggies coming out of the garden. I think we are going to plant some turkey gizzard beans this year. I am not sure we are going plant half runners this year but that is okay with me. I love the bush beans myself. No strings and they are so easy to pick. Well I guess I will end it here. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Hey, dear sweet Vicki! I am so sorry about your dad and your mom, my aunt and uncle! They died way too young. It is sad. My daddy died at 70, and that is still too young. I am sad when I think of him as well. They were good men, but with struggles that were bigger than they were sometimes! Maybe mama will remember more about your dad's death. I can tell you something that happened to me a day or two before your dad's death. I had a very vivid dream of Grandma Jewel and Bill. I was standing beside a coffin and the lid was open, but I was standing behind the lid, so I could not see inside. Grandma Jewel was crying and I was asking who is in the coffin. It was in the next day or so that I got the call from mama that Uncle Jackie had died. He was a good and kind man. I hope this does not make you sad. It could have just been a random dream, but I have always remembered that and thought about it. God knows how very kind Jackie's heart was! And your mom's! I think you seem to have a very green thumb! I miss having a garden spot, but hopefully I will find a little house with a sweet garden spot! I love you bunches!! xoxo Lynn

    1. Love you sweet cousin! The dream is interesting that you had. I miss your dad to. He was a good man. Love you bunches !


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