Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cabbage and Broccoli Gone...... Diet update

We planted our potatoes, cabbage and broccoli just a little over a week ago and they were growing and looking so pretty. Went out there today to check on them and deer had come through and eat them to the ground. I am so mad!! See nothing but steams left.

It is looking like my dream of having an extended garden out at grandmas is just going to be a dream.
I was so looking forward to broccoli and cabbage. Now I am worried will the eat the potato plants when they start coming up. 

My diet is going good. I have started a new diet plan where I am eating more protein and less sugar. I have really been trying hard to stick to the plan. 

Here are some of the foods I have been eating. They are yummy! I will keep you updated how it ends. I measured and weigh on the day I started. It last 4 weeks. Wish me luck!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Planting the Potatoes

This past week has been a crazy one for me. The 12th was the 24th anniversary of my daddy's death. It is still hard for me to believe that he has been gone this long. It makes me sad that I don't have any pictures of him with his first grandson. He came to the hospital to visit us the day he was born. But I did not even think about the camera. I did not even get a picture of my mom when she came to see us. This anniversary of his death was so memorable because it snowed just like it did when daddy died but it was the day after the 12. It got me to wanting to remember what happened the day he passed away. It seems like the older I get I can not remember what happened. It makes me sad. I called my brother and sister to see what they remembered but not much more than me. See daddy's death was so unexpected. He had been have what he thought was heartburn all day but ended up not being the case. I hate that I did not get to see him and tell him good by. I can not even remember the last time I had talked to him. I wondered if he was alone when he passed away or was he alone with only medical staff? I just made myself so sad. I know I have probably shared this picture before but when your parents pass away so young you don't have a lot of pictures to share. This is probably one of the last ones we had taken together. 

Snow March 12, 2017

This whole year seems so different to me. I am not sure if it is because I am turning 50 this year or what but I feel so sentimental. I would love to fix and plant all kinds of of veggies in the garden like from childhood. We planted a potato patch today and then I got to thinking I don't ever remember having a garden in my childhood. We picked a lot of vegetables and mom canned and froze food but we did not have a garden. I remember my granny had a small garden over the years. I told the Farmer today that I don't really know how to plant a garden. When I plant flowers in the yard they do not live as well or sometimes they die if the farmer does not help me. I don't have much of a green thumb. I helped the farmer put he seed potatoes out in the rows. I also laid the cabbage and broccoli plants out in the row for the farmer to cover in the dirt. 

The farmer plowing

The farmer making rows

row of cabbage


Farmer planting potatoes
I wanted to plant some cauliflower but they were already sold out of the plants. I hoping that we can plants some beets, some zucchini, spaghetti squash, and corn. We also bought us some sugar snap peas to plant also. I am ready to have fresh veggies coming out of the garden. I think we are going to plant some turkey gizzard beans this year. I am not sure we are going plant half runners this year but that is okay with me. I love the bush beans myself. No strings and they are so easy to pick. Well I guess I will end it here. Thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Setting Goals....

It is March 5, 2017 and I am not accomplishing any goals. I was making myself discourage looking back at my weight loss and inches lost. Then I looked back at the pounds lost from the over all time when I started my weight loss journey. I know I have shared these pictures before but I don't remember this person. I look at these pictures and think was a really that big???


Then I joined an app on the computer called my fitness pal on April 3 2013 and I logged in my weight at 242 pounds.  So I decide to look through the years that I have been logging in my weight and food in myfittnespal to see how much weight I lost each year. The first year I lost 26.6 pounds

This is me 26.2 pounds lighter
The next year I lost 10 more pounds. 

The next year I actually gained some weight. 

This past year I lost 16.8 pounds the second most that I have lost in the last 4 years. I also measured this past year and I have lost a total of 29 inches all over.  I am losing this weight slow and steady. Very slow, But I am hoping this means that I will finally will be able to keep it off. I really wanted to have a goal to be at my goal by the time I am 50 but with that being just over a month away it will not happen. But I really hope that I will be in my 180's or less. The hardest thing though is losing weight. When I was in my 30s I could lose weight like no tomorrow but it is not easy any more. 

193 pounds!

My problem now is that I can not stick to a healthy eating plan. I love food!! The weight loss bible devotion I just read really opened my eyes to excuses and blame. I can come up with all kinds of excuses everyday why I am eating what I eat. I can blame people like my family saying how hard it is to eat healthy with 3 grown men in the house. When in reality I know that it is no body fault but my own. Please pray with me to encourage me to do this and reach my goals. 

I just pray that once in my life I can set a goal and accomplish it. 

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