Monday, February 27, 2017

Another new Calf and greens

There is not a lot going on around the farm. I went to a local produce stand  and got me some creasy greens. It was more of a nostalgic thing for me because to be honest I don't remember what they taste like but I remember going out with my granny and mama to cut them wild in the field.  Well the ones I bought were a little different the the wild one a remember granny and mama cutting.

I boiled them up and added some seasoning they were really good but a little stemy. I cooked them in omelet one morning and that was delicious also. 

We went out and looked at the collard greens in the garden and they had gotten really beautiful. We picked the whole hatch in the Honda Pilot full and I shared them with my in-laws, Aunt Barbra and my friend and her mom.  I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of all of them in the car. The next day we cut that many more. Here is a few pictures of them cooking. I froze 5 quarts of them.

We have 3 calves now. Mama had her calf. For the very first time she had a heifer and she is a big one with real long legs.

Mama and her calf

front is other mamas, the left is Bugsy, and the right is Mama's 

The same in this picture.

Her she is all by herself.

I got my hair cut I have not got brave enough to change the color yet I thinking I might do it before I turn 50 in April. It looks a lot better. The ends were so dried out and needed cutting bad. 

Well that about covers it that is going on around the farm. Maybe I will have something more interesting next time. Thanks for stoping by. 


  1. Oh Vicki, I remember going up to aunt Ruby's house. Lots of creasy greens grew there. Mama would bring home a bunch to cook. Your collards look delicious. So pretty and green! I love you new hair cut. Isn't it amazing how just a trim can change your hair? The calves are so pretty. I love your farm!! Love you more!!

  2. I loved reading about your farm. I would love to try creasy greens some time. Maybe I have and just don't remember. I know there are places around here out in the country where you can get them. They are good for you! Love you!! You look so beautiful!


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