Monday, February 27, 2017

Another new Calf and greens

There is not a lot going on around the farm. I went to a local produce stand  and got me some creasy greens. It was more of a nostalgic thing for me because to be honest I don't remember what they taste like but I remember going out with my granny and mama to cut them wild in the field.  Well the ones I bought were a little different the the wild one a remember granny and mama cutting.

I boiled them up and added some seasoning they were really good but a little stemy. I cooked them in omelet one morning and that was delicious also. 

We went out and looked at the collard greens in the garden and they had gotten really beautiful. We picked the whole hatch in the Honda Pilot full and I shared them with my in-laws, Aunt Barbra and my friend and her mom.  I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of all of them in the car. The next day we cut that many more. Here is a few pictures of them cooking. I froze 5 quarts of them.

We have 3 calves now. Mama had her calf. For the very first time she had a heifer and she is a big one with real long legs.

Mama and her calf

front is other mamas, the left is Bugsy, and the right is Mama's 

The same in this picture.

Her she is all by herself.

I got my hair cut I have not got brave enough to change the color yet I thinking I might do it before I turn 50 in April. It looks a lot better. The ends were so dried out and needed cutting bad. 

Well that about covers it that is going on around the farm. Maybe I will have something more interesting next time. Thanks for stoping by. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Out at Grandma's

Went out to grandma's today and trimmed up the unruly grape vines. I love grapes how about you all? We still have some more to trim on the top we did not take a ladder with us.

before trimming

After trimming

The brush afterward

I read my aunts blog yesterday where she wrote about a beautiful Eastern Red Cedar on her property. She writes a really good blog a lot better than mine. You should go check it out sometime I told her there was a beautiful Red Cedar out at grandmas and I would take a picture of it and share. 

Here is the big cedar tree.
me standing beside the cedar

The Farmer hugging the tree.

We also set out some tame blackberry vines yesterday. The Farmer work hard on it. I hope that they will grow fast and we will soon have some blackberries. I love blackberries. My friend gave me a jar of jelly she made this summer and it was yummy!



blueberry bushes

Here are a few pictures in my yard. Most of everything in my yard that blooms came from someone special to me. 
Yellow bells from my granny

The Farmer found these turkey hunting

Shirt button bush from my granny

I am hoping that everything stays pretty and we don't have anymore winter weather. Thanks for stopping by. God bless you all.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spring in February ???

Wow this weather is so crazy. I love the warm weather but I have a feeling all of the stuff that is blooming and coming out will be killed but frost, freeze or snow. It is crazy. On facebook all my pictures from memories pop up and most of them have been snow. I went out today to take a picture of our new calf and took some pictures of the stuff that is blooming.

My strawberry plants have blooms.

Daffodils are blooming and int he back ground my shirt button bush is blooming

And yes Other mama had a calf yesterday. I went out to get a picture of it and Jimmy had to show off so I had to come in and get the farmer to go out with me to get the picture. First calf this year.

other mama and calf

We rode the mule out to grandma's and the pasture. 

Jenny and Valentine 

Jenny and Valentine 


grandma's house and the daffodils blooming
Daffodils in the pasture

We had thunderstorms this past week and that means snow in 9 days so let see if spring in early February continues. 

Thanks for stoping by.