Thursday, January 26, 2017

Update on diet and things around farm.

Not much going on around here. I am on my fourth week of doing my Hammer and Chisel workout. I have already lost an 8 inch all over. I was totally shocked losing 2.5 inches in my thighs were I was really wanting to lose. I am a little disappointed that the scales keep moving up and down on the same 3 pounds. I pray everyday for guidance to get my eating under control. I know I should be really happy with the inches going away but they seem to come back even with a change in exercise. I really want to lose before I turn 50 which is coming in April. I am working hard but I just can not get this food thing together. I have been drinking my protein shakes, exercising and trying to get my steps in.
Protein shakes

exercise and sweating

blurry picture of my fitbit 

Starting to get some muscle 

Tracking my food. See how many calories I ate?

That is enough about that. We went out to grandmas house yesterday while the weather has been so nice. I really want to be more self-sufficient with supplying food for our family now that we have bigger garden space. The Farmer wen out and plowed a spot up for us a corn patch. We have not planted corn in years. I am so excited. We are planning on planting a potato patch, zucchini, and spaghetti squash. We are going to trim up the grape vines and hope that they will have grapes this year. We have two tame blackberry vines we are going to plant soon. I will take pictures when we do. Today we just went out to plow and to see little Blackie it has been a while since I seen her.

Farmer plowing

Cows across the road (in-laws) 


Little Blackie liked Clay she walked with him down to the woods

Baby chicks

baby chicks
Oh yeah I am reading the bible through again this year. I am doing it with my friend. I am enjoying reading it again. The last two days I have been so sleepy and it makes me sad that I almost fall asleep while reading. But I pray for guidance and help through my lord and savior Jesus Christ everyday. 

Thank you for stoping by. 


  1. Hey there Vicki! Sounds like you are doing great with diet and exercise. Sure wish I could stick to it as much as you have. You look great!! The farm is so beautiful. I love the black kitty. Glad he likes Clay. :) Love you!!

  2. Vicki, you look so pretty! You look healthy and your skin is glowing! I need to exercise more, and I have had a few extra pounds creep on through the winter. It is just SO hard to NOT eat. Ugh. Hang in there. I know you can do it!
    Love you!


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