Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas with family

We had Christmas with my sister and her family and my brother and his family on Monday after Christmas. We had a wonderful time with food, gifts and lots of talk. I hate that the kids are growing up so fast. Mine are 24 and 21 my sisters are 15 and 13 and my brothers are 7 and 4. I just hope that we will keep up the family get together even after everyone is grown. Here are a few pictures.

My brother and his family with Mason, Tyler, Dennis and Farmer in the background

My sister

The farmer teaching Judson how to shoot his bow

My brother teaching Jack how to shoot his bow

The race is on



Jack and Judson


Mason and Seth

Dennis trying out the bow 

Cindy, Randy and Me
Christmas with the Farmers family was on Friday before Christmas. His sister and her family had to have christmas at her house so we did not get to see them. My nephews got to come home from deployment for Christmas so that was nice for them. 

Me and my mother in law

Pops and Seth

Mamaw and Clay


Farmer and his mom

Oh yeah on Christmas day a beautiful red bird hit the truck and stunned himself. You know what they say a red bird is a visitor from heaven. 

Today is January 1st and I hope this is the beginning of Change and Hope. Hope was the other word that was talking to me to take on for the year because it is so easy for us to lose Hope. I am hoping that 2017 brings so much joy, happiness and God filled days. Did you all eat your traditional new year day food consisting of pork, collards, black eyed peas, and cornbread. 

I was lazy this year pork chops from crockpot, peas from a can, collards from a can and jiffy cornbread muffins.
Oh well it was good. Our collard did not do good in the garden this year. I am hoping next year will be better for them also. Well I turned this into a long post with lots of pictures. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 


  1. Vicki this is such a good post. You all look so happy. Wouldn't your mom and dad love that houseful of grandsons! Can't you imagine your dad bragging on having all grandsons. You and Cindy are pretty girls. I didn't see Lauren in the pictures. You tickled me talking about canned peas and canned collards and jiffy sure surprised me. Your food looks better that what I've cooked. I cheated too. We've got field peas and Brussel sprouts, ham hocks, and cornbread...oh, and corn. Love you Vicki.

  2. Vicki, I loved seeing all the family together! You all look great! I was thinking the same thing as mom, Uncle Jackie and Aunt Shirley would sure love being able to see all those sweet grandkids! Lots of boys!!! Anyway, the food looks great! So do you! Love you, Lynn


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