Thursday, January 14, 2016


I think to much! Thinking to much leads to ideas that you have all intentions to do then you think some more and you decide that you need to do this or that to accomplish the idea. Then the next thing I know I have talked myself out of the idea.

Alright did that make any sense at all? Example I was thinking that I had a plan to get healthy at the beginning of the year. I have everything planned out by starting "Taking back your Temple"How to achieve a healthy weight lose God's Way. Well my year did not start off the way I wanted it because I got sick! Being sick makes you feel depressed and makes you not really care if you lose weight or not. Well I am getting well still have a little cough but over all I feel better. But here again I am thinking I have got to stop making excuses. Every morning I have all intentions of walking on my treadmill. I walked one day and I have talked myself out of it the rest of the week. I have tracked my food but I have been over my calories everyday also.

Then I think I will try one thing at a time. I will blog about how I am doing then I  will start tomorrow. Or I will get myself together, I will get well and then I will not have any excuses. I will pray, stop pacing the house looking for food. I will stay off the phone, I will not over eat, I will track all my food, I will exercise. I will read my bible. I need to get my mind together... I let myself fall apart to much before Christmas and now I am having an hard time getting myself back together. I feel like I am getting it  back together and then I think to much.

I am having fun doing my photo contest. Today was up close ! Don't you just love the little web nest with the debris in it.

Well thanks for stopping by if you got this far in this boring blog. 

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