Sunday, December 6, 2015


Today is my dad's birthday! I miss him so much. I think of him most every day. I think about how much he would love having 6 grandson. How much he would enjoy Christmas. How much I am reminded that I am just like him in so many ways. I know that there was a time I would never had admitted that I am like my dad but I see him in me every day. Happy Birthday Daddy!

I am sorry that I am so slack on blogging on a regular basis. I do come on the blog everyday and think I should write something but I never do. I am still reading my daily devotion weight loss book and it is so inspiring but I have not made any effort to do anything about my weight.  I have come to the  conclusion that I am an emotional wreck. One day I am happy and trying to make others happy the next day I feel like I could cry all day. I hate these feelings and wish that I could get a full grasp on them and carry on.  I have not walked and worried about my fitbit competitions. I feel emotionally drained. I am still reading my bible everyday and even that feels like a burden somedays. Then I feel guilty and I know that God deserves better. Oh well that is enough about my loom and gloom. I know that I can get back on track all I need to do is pray and trust in God.

On some brighter notes!!! My brother and his family is coming home for Christmas!! I am so excited! I even had a hormone mishap about this but with love and support from the Farmer, my boys and my brother and his wife. I worked through it. See I told you I was a wreck.

We had Thanksgiving at the Farmer's parents house. His sister and her family came. This was cut short because Clay and fragile x was not having anything to do with it this year. The Farmer had to take him home about 5 to 10 minutes after getting there. Me and Seth ate and left with lots of left overs. We had a good time afterward. We went up to Morrow Mountain and took a family photo.

I have my Christmas tree put up. For the first time in probably 18 years that I have put up a live tree. I just realized that this picture is blurry of my tree.

The Farmer and I went out on an early anniversary shopping and dinner. We had a really good time. 

I have not made any Christmas crafts this year and I don't see me doing any. It is almost like I want the holidays to be over and the new year to begin. I hope that I will be in a better place by then.  

Thanks for stopping by. May God bless you all.

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  1. Oh Vicki, with your sweet bubbly personality it never shows that you are stressed or depressed. You look beautiful in that red dress. Just beautiful! I love the family picture too. You do have a beautiful family. I thought about your Dad on his birthday. I always do. I love you Vicki. You are too hard on yourself. (I hear that too). You need to look back at all that you've are such a good wife and good Mother, and good friend. You are a blessing!


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