Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day....

Today went pretty good with a few exceptions.  I really don't want to blog a complaining blog but I really need to get this out of my mind. The lead up to this Christmas has been a downer for me and the Farmer. With his mom being sick for around 3 months prior to Christmas and Grandma started having mini strokes and passing away put us in the blues. Along with the fact that his family decided we could not exchange gifts. We found it hard to accept the fact that you can not buy your mom and dad a present. They fussed about it everyday so that we would not buy them anything so we did not. Also as you know from Thanksgiving that we were not even sure if Clay would participate going in the farmers parents house for Christmas.

The reason I say this Clay has gotten were he will not go in their house much anymore without having a meltdown. Also the fact that Clay loves Christmas!! His love for Christmas and going to beach! Mamaw bought him some presents so this was a bribe to get him in the house. He ate his soup, popcorn and drink. Then he was ready for presents. He was not to thrilled with the fact that we all did not go into the living room and open gifts like normal. We are talking 20 years of opening presents with mamaw and pops. He kinda broke my heart because he tolerated going into the living room with the whole crown and sat patiently waiting to open gifts.

What really topped the day off though was the fact that the Farmers, cousins and aunt showed up for a visit. Now this made the house really loud and crowded and it overwhelmed Seth a little and Clay got ready to go. I had to sit with him and rubbed his back to get him to stay a little while longer. But he realized no more gifts so he was out of there. We got there at 1:00 and left at 3:00 So this was a lot better than thanksgiving but it was also a little hard.

Tomorrow is Christmas with my brother and sister and I have made myself so angry with my sister that I am not even looking forward to it. She has hurt my feelings more than one time at the holidays and once again she has succeeded in doing that. I am going to pray hard to night to let go of the anger. Anger is not good it only clogs my brain and makes me miserable. She does not even know that I am angry with her. Oh well I will stop complaining I am ready for Christmas to be over. I have not taken any pictures hopefully I will get some tomorrow.

Please pray for me.

Thanks if you have read this far. Merry Christmas

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  1. Vicki, wish I could give you a hug!! Love you bunches! You have a lot on you day to day! My hat is off to you! There will be brighter days!! Love, Lynn


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