Saturday, December 26, 2015

Brother and Sister Christmas get together

I am feeling horrible. I prayed last night and realized I almost ruined my Christmas being angry over nothing. I have got to get myself under control. I really believe that it is my hormones. I am really going to have to talk to my doctor when I go for my check up in March.

We had a wonderful time!! I was so happy to see everyone and we had a great time. I really feel terrible that I wrote what I said in my blog about it all yesterday. I just wish it could last longer. I need to stop assuming things and be nice.

Alright that is enough about that. We had a great time! My sister gave me a beautiful vest and scarf. My brother painted me the matching picture of my dad to go with the picture of my mom.

Here are a few more pictures that my sister took on her phone and shared with me. 
My nephews playing with there turtles

My brother and his family

My sister and her family

Me my brother an sister

The whole clan!

Thanks for stopping by God bless!


  1. Vicki, what a good looking family you all are! I can see your dad's face in all of his children and his grandchildren. Randy really looks a lot like Jackie. I can't believe what an artist Randy is. Those paintings are so good! I certainly see your mom there too, but goodness I see a lot of Jackie. You hang in there Vicki. Hormones!!! We have all been there. I am still bad to assume things to be what they are not. I love you so much! You are a sweet sweet person. I'm glad you all had a good Christmas.

    1. Thank you Henny Penny! The Hormones are really hitting me hard. I see daddy in all of us to. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas also. Love and hugs!


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