Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

The year in a review. 2015 has had it's up and down but over all it has not been to bad.

Seth has been keeping busy doing his "stick work" riding his bike and riding the mule. He is also very helpful in house work to. He does all of the laundry, does the vacuuming and also keeps his and Clays rooms clean. He is also our comedian, he loves to watch Young and the Restless and keeping up with Facebook.

Clay is busy swinging , watching movies and he collects balls. He is a wiz on his computer. He goes through headphone/earbud like water and he loves to take a bath. We have started shaving him this year also.

Clay and Seth

Pets: don't really have any pets but our cows

Biggest change: Both boys are out of there teens. Clay turned 20 this November. 

Biggest Frustration: Clay breaking earbuds, and getting where he does not want to go visit people. 

Deaths: I lost my Aunt Velon and Grandma Myrtie 

Births: none

Farm events: We have raised 5 flocks of chickens this year. We had a very dry summer and the pasture grass got really bad had to feed the cows feed over the summer. The lighting took out all of the light bulbs in the chicken house and had to replace all of them and we had new feed bins put in. This was to big cost on the farm. We had a big tree to fall tearing down the power line. We had a good garden despite the lack of rain. I canned a lot of green beans, tomatoes and made pickles with cucumbers. 

I decided to read the bible thru in a year for the first time ever and I completed last week. I did not lose any weight and keep it off all year. I walked a 100 miles in August! 
My mother-in-law was sick in the beginning of the year and got sick again in November going into the hospital . She is doing better know hoping the New year she stays well. 

my Christmas cactus. 
Hope that we have a wonderful 2016 God Bless!

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