Sunday, November 1, 2015

Five problems with social media

 I have gotten really slack on doing a blog entry. I found this on Facebook and I decided to do a 30-day writing challenge. I hope that this will help me focus on other areas in my life also.

Five problems with social media is the topic for day one. I think the very first thing is bulling. So many use social media to bully others. They say mean things to people and some of the comments can be so hurtful that it pushes the person to kill either themselves or others. People are have lost their empathy and that is so sad to me.

The second thing wrong with social media is that you find out things on social media before family members or others find out. Everyone has always got a camera and ready to video and post before it is ever known in the news or to family. It has tore apart people lives, put them in jail, loss of jobs and embarrassment because of someone with a camera and social media.

The third thing I find wrong with social media is it is taking away from face to face time with people. Young people do not know how to communicate without a text or through social media. They ask for dates or break up with you and it is all done through technology. People do not know how to carry on a conversation and majority do not even pick a phone up and talk on it anymore. Write a letter on just talk to someone in person. They also losing family time because everyone is using a electronic device and not talking.

The fourth thing I find wrong with social media is a lot of times it makes the world seem a lot better or a lot worse than it really is. A mom that might be struggling trying to be a good mom and do a lot of stuff with their children and family and wanting to publish it on step by step with pictures to do for and the best captions ever to make their family look the best. It is like a video or photo op every time you turn around. Oh look they have been to the beach, they go somewhere every weekend. Making one jealous and depressed.

The fifth thing I find wrong with social media that it is a distraction in the car while driving. Everyone practically has a internet device in their vehicles and they find it necessary to talk on the phone from the minute they get into the car until they get out. They text, post, snap,  chat and what ever else that can be done on social media. It is so dangerous to be doing all of these things while trying to drive at the sam time. It is scary.

These are the things I find wrong with social media and I am guilty of some of the things myself. Even sitting here blogging is social media time taking away from my family. I would never in my life time ever bully anyone and I would stand up for anyone they is being bully. I hate this evil in the world.  I try hard not to use my phone while I am driving a car. Most of the time I usually use the car as my quite place to think and regroup. I have been guilty of texting instead of calling but a lot of the time it is because the person will not answer the phone. I would always rather talk than text.

I will admit I love Facebook. I have connection with family and friends that I might not ever see or talk to. I have gotten to know a few cousin that I may not have never known if it was not for Facebook. It is a good way to keep up with people and share a little bits and pieces of your lives. I also enjoy it for support and for a stay at home mom and house wife so far it has been a great way to staying connected with the outside world. I know a contradiction  in some sorts. Oh well thinks for reading my  blog.

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  1. Hey, you did good on this one! Each number I read I thought, Oh I really agree with this, but actually all these things are true! Andee and I were talking about your third part just recently. How young people don't know how to communicate anymore. It's time for Poppy! Love you Vicki.


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