Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day 2 My Earliest Memory....

A memory.... let see. I have a tiny brief memory of falling down the babysitters stairs and breaking my collar bone when I was two. I think most of my memories come from when I was 4-5 years old living in Ramsuer. We lived in a blue and white single wide trailer. I had a dog name brownie and my dad had horse and I had a pony. There are a lot of memories of playing and have fun out in the country.

I remember one time I decided I wanted to ride my pony. Daddy was not at home and mama was in the house. I went outside my pony just happened to be standing at the gate in the pasture. I climb up on the gate and got on him. He walked around for a minute and decided to go into the barn where he decided to stop right behind my dad's big horse. My dad had taught me not to stand behind a horse because it would kick you, but my pony would not move. I started screaming for my mama to come and rescue me. I was screaming and crying by the time she heard me and came and rescued me. I was not in any real danger but I was young and scared.

I also remember a tabby cat that my paw paw gave me. I named him kitty-tom. Paw paw had also gave me a big red flash that I would shine on the wall and kitty tom would chase it. I have hunted for pictures of my pony and the trailer we lived in but without success.

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