Monday, September 28, 2015

Around the farm

Not much going on around here on the farm. It has been so dry that our pasture looked like it has been plowed up because the grass is so dry. We have been feeding the cows and they are spoiled rotten. Even Jimmy has let the Farmer pet him on the head.

We found the chicken a home. Her name is Ellie Mae. I finally took a  picture of her. She had started roosting on the bobcat

It has been raining since Thursday and today is Monday. I will not complain about the rain because we so much needed it. I am lacking in my steps though. I got myself a Garmin tracking watch. My app that I was using to track my miles along with listening to KLove radio app almost used all of my data for the month of August so I decided to get me the watch. 

I am still not on track with my eating yet. I tried to do better today but I have still eaten over my calories. I would love to get totally back on track We will see. 

Well I guess that is all I have got. I wish I had more to talk about. 
I will close for now thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hey Miss Vicki! Is that actually Jimmy the bull the Farmer is touching? Where did the hen come from. I wish you could have kept her. Ellie Mae is such a good name for a chicken. I'll have to remember that. I need to have my head examined for taking on more animals! It gets to be a job! I love you!


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