Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Strawberries and Memorial Day at Church

I went and picked strawberries Monday at Carter's Farm in Eaglesprings. I love strawberries and I love picking them. It was a beautiful day and I was so excited about picking strawberries I got up really early. I took the farmers grandma that will be 94 in June, her sister that is 73 and my cousin wife whom is in her 80's. The plan was for grandma and cousins wife to sit and visit while I and sister picked strawberries. Well it did not go as planned because grandma was determined to pick strawberries. She did really good. She picked a gallon and a part of another one. I helped grandma get into the strawberries field and I stepped on the irrigation hose and it came lose spraying water all over me and a little bit on grandma. I wanted to take pictures of her but I was scared to leave her out in the field without me near by and I did not think she would like me taking pictures of her. I did get 2 from the back side and she would hate it if she knew I took them but she may not be able to go next year.


Grandma with her walking cane getting strawberries

Grandma with her walking cane getting strawberries

Grandmas sister

We had a wonderful time and picked 9 gallons of strawberries. They just started picking last week and I wish I would have been patient and waited at least another week of sunshine. We have been having a lot of rain and it has not been that warm. Oh well we had a great time. I hope to go back in a few weeks and pick some more. 

My peonies are starting to bloom. I really would love to get some pink ones. 

It was also it was memorial day at my church May 3. This is where my great grandparents, my grandma and my dad is buried. I took a picture of their flowers. 

my dads grave

my grandma's grave

Next Sunday is Mothers Day and memorial at the church my mom and her mom, aunts, uncles, and great grandparents are buried. As of now they are calling for rain but I really hope it is not a wash out of a day. 

Well thanks for stoping by. Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day.

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  1. How sweet of you to take them with you to pick strawberries. I was supposed to meet Shelby yesterday morning in Creedmore to pick strawberries, but decided to stay here and mow. She went without me. She does lots of picking since she makes jams and jellies. Thank you for posting pictures of Mama's and Jackie's flowers. I would love to have been there for Memorial Sunday. Your Peonies are beautiful! Love you Vicki!


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