Friday, May 15, 2015


I am enjoying my class and I feel like it has taught me a few new things. Todays assignment is to take a portrait. Since my family members are not cooperative I asked my mother in law would she be my subject and she has agreed. I am a little nervous on taking her picture because she is so critical of herself. It is not the perfect weather day for it either a little cloudy and cool. I hope that I do a good job.  I will share in a few days how it turned out.

I like taking pictures of birds and wildlife and wish I was able to get more. Yesterday there was a baby chickadee that raised in a pottery birdhouse that has just flew out of the nest.
Here is mom feeding the baby a few days ago

Mom feeding

baby on the ground yesterday

Baby flew up in the tree

baby singing or calling for mom

I got a new picture of the baby geese they are really growing

I love how they were swimming on each side of her.
The indgo bunting and the summer tanager are back I love taking pictures of them and they are so photogenic.

I also captured a new bird yesterday at the pond I think it is an Eastern Kingbird

I think it is a pretty bird

My assignment for my class last week was to capture movement. They gave example to take picture of water in the sink flowing on a ladle. I think it turned out cool.

I am still trying to decide what picture I want to use for the photography contest. I have posted one of a tufted titmouse I took at the end of winter. I can not remember if I have shared this. 

how cute

Well thanks for stopping by I that you enjoyed my photos


  1. Your pictures are really good! That baby Chickadee is the cutest thing I've seen. I really like the water running over the ladle. You are good at this Vicki! Love, Melba


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