Sunday, May 31, 2015

Instagram..... and around the farm

I hate not understanding how to do something. I have recently started on Instagram  account and I have been trying  to figure out how to do stuff on it. It looks simple enough but it took me a while and a little help from a young person and I got it done.

Today was the last day to enter my photo contest. I am really hoping that I make it in calendar this time. I would love to win the $300 for the first place but I don't have my hopes up. Here are the pictures that I ended up sending.

Where did those goslings go?

Just waiting for the bird feeder

Waiting on the farmer
I don't know if I have a winner but I hope I do make a page in the calendar.

I am also doing another contest for "Farmer Strong". My oldest son wanted me to take a picture of him holding the sign with his cowboy boots on. I thought they turned out really good.

Is he not handsome!

My youngest son wanted his picture taken to.

He is so cute!
We having been see several black snakes in the yard also. One day we were going to get the mule out of the building and there was a snake going up under the siding of our house.

The farmer trying to pull it out of the house.

I thought it was two snakes but it was just one.

See how he was curled around himself.

I got some new picture of the baby goslings today. They are getting big. They are almost as big as their parents. It won't be long until they fly away. 

Well I guess I will close here. Thanks for stoping by!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Fit Bit Obsession...

I know I have a fit bit obsession. I got away from it for a little while because some of the friends slowed down walking and it just did not seem so important for a little while. Well I have some new friends and they have been doing daily challenges with me. I love it! I have been walking my but off trying to stay in the competition. I was also down a pound today. My husband and I have been taking a mile walk at night. I love walking with him in the dark. Tonight was a good night the moon is getting close to being full. I love winning!!

Tonights steps!

We got some rain yesterday and 1inch. I was so happy I just stood at the door and watched it rained. Thank you God for the rain!! 

Well I am going to bed I am so tired. Thanks for stoping by.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I love old stuff. I miss things from when I was little. I loved going in hardwares stores. Especially the little local owned ones. We still have an hardware store in Seagrove that has old things in it. Old men still sit around and talk.

I remember when we lived in Pineville NC when I was in the 2nd grade so I was 8 years old. I went with my mom to the small town hardware that was similar to this one. Back then Pineville was a tiny little town. Well anyway we went in there to pick up my daddy some 10 penny nails to build rabbit boxes with. We went in an my mom and the worker in the store asked my mom if he could help her. She told him she needed some 10 penny nails to build me a rabbit hutch to keep and rabbit in. Me being the kid I was argued with her because I knew daddy was going to build rabbit boxes to catch rabbits in to eat. I loved eating fried rabbit with gravy and biscuits. Yummy!!  She and I argued a few seconds with her giving me the evil eye. When we got in the car I was in trouble. She got on to me for arguing with her. Well I came right back at her telling her she was lying to the man why daddy needed the nails for. That is when she explained to me that there was a game warden in the hardware store also and that daddy needed a hunting license to trap rabbits. Oh well I did not know. We went home and made some rabbit boxes and we caught a lot of rabbits that winter. I loved doing things with my dad!

I could make a whole blog on stories about my dad and I. I really should write the memories down or blog them so I never forget. A lot of the stories are great memories while others were so sad but I never want to forget any of them because it was my life! I miss you daddy. Wish you were still here making memories with me and my boys. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Geese and Skunks....

I have a little sad news one of the baby geese is missing. We went over to the pond today and there were only 3 babies and the mom and dad. It made me so sad. We looked around the pond but we did not see any signs of the baby or evidence that something killed it. This was taken the day before.

Also today we went over to take the donkeys some apples and we noticed that 2 cows were standing and staring. I said wonder what they see? The farmer said he thought they were grass starring. Well in a few minutes I saw something black moving around in the grass. At first I thought it was the cat that hangs around the house but no it was a skunk!! The farmer has been seeing a few skunks around and one of my goals this summer was to get a picture of it and I did. 

We tried to get him to raise his head up and look but he was busy looking for something to eat. I was so excited. I wish I could have gotten some better shots. I took probably 20 to 30 shots but he would not be still and look. He also was probably about 50 to 60 yards from us. I was not about to get any closer to him. I did not want to get sprayed. We also have some ground hogs that live around here and I also want to get a picture of it. Wish me luck!

Yesterday my lily opened up. 
I think it is called a lolly pop lily. 
Tomorrow it should have 2 more blooms. I will take another picture when they open.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Wonderful Weekend...

I had a wonderful weekend! I took my portraits of my mother in law. I think I did a pretty good job and the farmer helped me out. Also the Farmer took to an old church in Troy called Shiloh Methodist Church I got some wonderful photos of the church and the grounds.

My mother in law. 

Shiloh Church

Old outhouse on the grounds

The herb garden and other side of church

lighting in the church

Cross in the church

Old water pump

can you not just see food everywhere and people.
On Saturday we went to a goat sale. It was so much fun. I would love to have some more goats one day.
Baby goats

Big Buck goat

I did not take this picture but I saw the goat doing this to another boy. This is a friends son.

 We had our Mommy Nite Out and The Preppy Possum came to church and we did a painting. It was a blue mason jar with hydrangea in them. I really want to do this again. I did not do a great job on mine but I was proud of myself. 

We also took a ride  over to the pond on Sunday evening and I got a picture of a doe. I also took some more pictures of the baby geese they are growing. 

I thought this was so cute

Baby geese
Look the green beans are coming up and now they need some rain. I was in the house cleaning the kitchen up and I heard the bottom fall out. Thank you God for the rain. I Pray that the rain keeps coming all summer.

Green beans

Well I guess I better stop here. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, May 15, 2015


I am enjoying my class and I feel like it has taught me a few new things. Todays assignment is to take a portrait. Since my family members are not cooperative I asked my mother in law would she be my subject and she has agreed. I am a little nervous on taking her picture because she is so critical of herself. It is not the perfect weather day for it either a little cloudy and cool. I hope that I do a good job.  I will share in a few days how it turned out.

I like taking pictures of birds and wildlife and wish I was able to get more. Yesterday there was a baby chickadee that raised in a pottery birdhouse that has just flew out of the nest.
Here is mom feeding the baby a few days ago

Mom feeding

baby on the ground yesterday

Baby flew up in the tree

baby singing or calling for mom

I got a new picture of the baby geese they are really growing

I love how they were swimming on each side of her.
The indgo bunting and the summer tanager are back I love taking pictures of them and they are so photogenic.

I also captured a new bird yesterday at the pond I think it is an Eastern Kingbird

I think it is a pretty bird

My assignment for my class last week was to capture movement. They gave example to take picture of water in the sink flowing on a ladle. I think it turned out cool.

I am still trying to decide what picture I want to use for the photography contest. I have posted one of a tufted titmouse I took at the end of winter. I can not remember if I have shared this. 

how cute

Well thanks for stopping by I that you enjoyed my photos

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weight entry.....

Well here it is May 12 and I have not lost anything since Christmas. I know why because I have not been  committed  to eat healthy. It is getting close to time to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts and i am still over 200 pounds. I have started reading this book called "Made to Crave Satisfying your Deepest Desires with God and Not Food" by Lysa Terkeurst. I like that she reminds us that we need to find your "Want to". Why do you want to lose the weight? I really just want to be healthier for myself. It is not about looking good it is more about feeling better. I really feel like if I lost 60 more pounds that I would feel better. My knees, my feet, and acid reflux. The author also made me think about how God made us to crave. She also asked this question "Is it possible we love and rely on food more than love and rely on God?" Think about it. I do plan most of my days on what will I eat today. What am I going to fix for supper. I can not wait to get a drink and a candy bar or my favorite lets go get something for supper then I don't have to worry about cooking.

I am so good at giving excuses or just saying who cares when I know in my heart that I care and God cares. Also I would love to find a easy way out or that it would just happen because I walked 3 miles twice a week and I log my food on my fitness pal. But nothing changes. I love this "We want the results but have no desire to put in the work required." That is me... I am not totally giving up unhealthy foods for healthy ones to lose the weight. I may stay in my calorie range but have not eat any veggies. Or just eating way over my calories one day and doing better the next day but then that never happens.

I need to pray! I need to turn to God when I am feeling sad, mad, or just not caring if I eat or not. I need to pray for guidance and courage and strength to do this. I have really been working on my relationship with God, praying more, reading the bible and my daily devotions. I have been taking pictures more, staying outside more and really working on my spiritual self but I have been neglecting my getting healthy and trying to take care of myself. I have been trying to work on my mind and my anger. Trying to get through issues that I did not want to admit that were bothering me. I have been searching and reading stuff trying to find the answer to my weakness to give in to food. I am hoping that by turning to God that I will find the answers to all of my questions.

Those of you that read my blog please pray for me.
Thank you for stopping by.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful mothers day!! Manicotti for lunch and homemade strawberry ice-cream. After lunch the farmer said lets take a ride and get out of the house I said ok. So we get cleaned up and take off. I asked the farmer where we were going but he would just say we are riding. We ended up in front of Kay's Jewelers in Southern Pines. The farmer bought me a beautiful ring for Mother's Day a big surprise!!

It was memorial day where my mom is buried and I put flowers on hers, my grandparents, my aunt and my uncle & cousins graves. 

Uncle Boyds, Aunt Ann and Chris

My aunt Mildred, My grandpa and granny, My moms

My Moms

My Granny and grandpa

my aunt Mildred

Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that this much of my family has passed away. 

I also had my mother in law to take a picture of me and my family for mother's day.
My family!

The farmer and his mom

Me and the farmer!

It was a great day now back to the diet!! I have got to stop talking about it and do it! Please Pray for me.

Thanks for stopping by.