Friday, January 2, 2015

Weight Loss In 2015

Well I did not manage to keep from gaining weight over the holidays. I gained almost 7 lbs from Thanksgiving until December 30th. I did pretty good Monday thru today but today I have ate way to much food. I need to go walk on the treadmill but I feel so lazy.

I made myself go and walk 2 miles. I have got to make some better changes in 2015 and try to meet my weight loss goals. I have found several blogs to follow that are battling the bulge just like me. Why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off permanently for some and not others. I would not call myself a yo yo dieter but I have lost weight and gained weight many times in my 47 years of life but I have yet to lose it and keep off. Sometimes I think that it is just impossible for me to accomplish such a thing. I promised myself back in 2003 when I had lost 60 pounds that I would keep it off. I slowly started gaining it back in college from the stress of school work and taking test. Then I started work and the stress of everything going on at work I gained all of my weight back plus 20 more pounds. I was my heaviest even while pregnant with both of my children. My heaviest 242! I pray that this is my year to get healthy and stop worrying so much about the number on the scale but how I feel.

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