Saturday, January 10, 2015

St. Anthony

I had never heard of St. Anthony until a fellow worker had lost something and called upon St. Anthony to help her find it. I have looked him up and he is a St with the Catholic church and is the finder of lost things. Also according to the internet this is a Jamaican prayer. I am not using it as a prayer because I only pray to the one true God my father.

St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Please come down
Something is lost 
And can't be found

Back to my story. Since the first time I heard of this chant or poem as I like to call it I have tried it. The first time is when I had lost the recovery cd for the boys old computers. They needed to be restored and I could not remember where I had put the cd. I had looked for several days for it and I remember reading this on my friends Facebook page. So I decided to try it and sure enough it worked. I found the cd. I have not needed it for awhile until the other day. Seth wanted a new phone, all because he decided all of a sudden he just had to have a phone with Siri on it. So I decided to give him my old iPhone 4S. Well guess what I could not remember where I put the phone. I have half heartily looked for it until I decided I could not remember where I put it. I was trying my best to remember the last time I had saw it. Clay had used it while his iPod was being repaired and the last time I remembered him having it was at Thanksgiving. So I decided to call upon St. Anthony and as I was saying the chant I turned my head and found the phone's hiding place. 

But this is the best one yet I think. Yesterday we went out for a ride in the truck and I always take a pair of reading glasses and my phone. When we got back  in the house I could not find my favorite reading glasses. Even though they are from the dollar tree they wear really good. I went back out to the truck and looked but I could not find them. I looked in my coat pockets, and in the trash but no glasses. I stopped looking and thought I would look again in the morning when I have light. I went out today and walked around the truck looking on the ground, looking under the seats and everywhere in the truck. No glasses. I looked in my coat pockets again because I keep my gloves in my pockets but no glasses. I looked in the trash again no glasses. I looked through the loveseat and under the loveseat and no glasses. So while I am lying on the floor I called upon St. Anthony. I went out to the truck one more time and right beside the truck door there lays my glasses, with one lens missing. I look everywhere for the lens thinking he just throw them on the ground. They were laying in the gravel right in the open where I would have stepped on them. When the farmer came home I told him about it. He helps me look for the lens. I pulled the truck back and no lens. Then the farmer looks in the edge of the grass and gravel line and there is the lens, no where close to where the glasses where laying. So I am just saying I think this works. 


  1. I've never heard of St. Anthony either. That's wild! Is it raining there today? Bet it is. We've got 3 or 4 days of rain this week. I'll probably need to visit a psychologist by the end of the week...I need sunshine! :) Love you Vicki.

    1. You will have to try it. It really works. I am tired of the rainy weather to. Love you

  2. I'll have to remember that one Ihave a bad habit of forgeting where I put things.

    1. I am horrible at remembering where I put stuff. I spend way to much time looking for stuff.


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