Friday, January 23, 2015

My Aunt Betty

I have started a couple of blogs and deleted them because they were kind of me just think out loud but by typing it out. I have had so many things running through my mind lately. My Aunt Betty is sick in the hospital. I called her right before christmas and she had the flu. I keep tabs on her through her daughter on Facebook and I knew she was better. Then Wednesday I got a call from her daughter that she was in the hospital with and infection in her colon. She explained it that she had horrible stomach pain and thought she need to use the restroom, where she was losing blood. She went to the hospital and the doctor describe to her that the blood stop coming into my stomach. There was talk of surgery. I have called her everyday to check on her, I worry because she is my moms last living sibling. I called her today and she told me her heart is acting up now. They have worked on her all day trying to get it straighten out. She is just wearing her self out taking care of her husband who is in the beginning stages of alzheimer. She also helps take care of her grandchildren. Her youngest daughter who is in her 40's was diagnosed with fragile x syndrome back when my son was diagnosed with it. She got married and had a child who is 10 years old now and did not inherit the defected gene. She had a surprise pregnancy a year ago and has a little girl now who also is not affected, but my aunt has to help her out a lot with the kids. My cousin is high functioning and has her license and a job. I am glad that she is doing well. 

My aunt has always been good to me. I have several aunts that I am really close to. It is weird for me sometimes thinking of them getting older and having health problems. I love them all and I don't do enough to see them, but I do call them and check on them at least once a month. During the Christmas holidays I called one of my aunts I have not talked to in years. She is in bad health also and I think it made her feel good that I called and checked on her. I love family and since my parents have passed away I never get to see them anymore. Also the fact that they are getting older and I have children that don't cope with visiting people. I wish they all lived nearer so that I could go and visit them. I know a couple of hours away is not that far but it is when you have people in your family that don't like to visit. Oh well I love them and think of them often. 

Please say a prayer for her that she gets well soon. 
Thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. Hey Vicki. Sure hope your Aunt Betty is doing better. Sorry I didn't ask about her when we talked, was it Sunday night?? I am so far behind reading blogs. I love you. :) (I'm catching up)! Did you get any snow? We never do!


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