Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Feeling emotional.....

Do you ever have days were one simple thing throws a wrench in your whole day? Started my morning of cooking breakfast, sausage, eggs, grits, and canned biscuits. Then I got started on updating virus software on the boys new computers. Well to start off I had figure out how to get into my emails since everything change with our emails. Then the computer would not take the update on the software. Had to call tech support for the software update. I got everything straighten out by just letting them take over the computer and fix it. I got everything settled down and the farmer started to work. I got my bible out to do my daily devotional time and the power goes off.

This makes my youngest son upset because now he has not computer or internet. I get my son ready and we decide to go outside and see what the farmer is up to. As we are heading out the door the farmer shows up and we decide to go and take some older computers to donate to the Area Christian Ministries in Robbins. I called and arranged to delivery them so we took off. On our adventures out we found out that the power is out all the way to Robbins, Seagrove, and some other areas. We ended up in Biscoe and got a few groceries and a snack.

When we got back home the power is on we ate some lunch and the farmer went back to work. I decided to watch my tv shows that I dvr. I have already eaten over my calories and I have not even eaten supper yet. I have not accomplish much and anything. I hate getting off track because of things throw a wrench in my day and it takes me a while to get stuff back together. Why do I fall  apart over nothing? I have been really worried about my aunt Betty.

She is not improving actually that she has a blood clot in her lung now. It is putting strain on her heart so they moved her to the heart ward. They are using a blood thinner to try and dissolve the clot. I can feel my heart breaking because I can not do anything but pray. I have been calling and checking on her. It just makes me sad that she is worried about her husband who has dementia and he is driving and staying home alone. There is just so much going on. I can feel the emotions growing in my heart and my throat. I feel the tears stinging my eyes. She is the last connection of have of my mom. I don't want anything to happen to her. I know it is apart of life that we live and we die but death is so hard on everyone who loves.
Oh well I guess I need to get off of here and go do my devotions and spend some time with God. Thanks for stopping by.

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