Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Well to be a family of four with two members of the the family having Fragile X you would think that life would be more interesting around here. For most parts our days are pretty routine. The boys get up around 7:00 to 8:00 am and get their iPads and set in the living room until me and the farmer get up. They are not quite and we are usually awaken by a slamming of doors, Elmo's Christmas blasting on the iPad and popcorn popping. The farmer and I get up shortly after the boys and I make breakfast we eat and watch a little news until Seth announces it is 9 time for Kelly and Michael. Also he will sneak out and go outside around this time also. But this morning the temperatures were low and even though he put on his big coat, cap, and gloves. He has a short sleeve on underneath the coat and no socks on. So excitement this morning telling him he needed to come in that he is going to get sick. This made him a little emotional he is out of sorts after Christmas. He received a new computer, (hates change sometimes) and all of a sudden he decides he wants a new iPhone 5S. He has just got to have one because of Siri. Well his update on his phone is not until May close to the time he graduated that is when he got his phone that does not have siri on it. Oh well. He comes in all about like he is going to cry and goes in his room to call grandparents to rescue the day. They made him all happy and he has been in here talking to me ever since.
     The next excitement came from younger son Clay when he decides it is time for the farmer to go to work and he gets a little anxious in the mornings trying to get the tv to himself. He always goes to the front door and swings it open yelling woooo whoa at the door with key in hand wanting the door locked. So the farmers goes to do the farm work and Clay goes and tries the back door to make sure it is locked. Then he decides he needs a bath to chill out.  He gets out and then he has his smorgasbord of food surrounding him with both iPads and his iPod and the tv on his favorite movie "A Goofy Movie". Life is calm and I am reading my bible, Seth is looking on my phone for him a new phone and Clay is content.
    I am sitting here thinking  I need to write a blog entry but nothing but a boring day going on here.

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  1. With kids nothing is every boring, lol. Congrats on the loss way to go lady!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot and so true it is never boring.

  2. That sounds like a busy morning to me! It sure made a good post! Funny how if you just start typing it turns into a post. Love you Vicki!

  3. Sounds anything but boring! It actually sounds like a sweet family life, despite any us and downs. Love you! Cousin Lynn


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