Monday, October 6, 2014

Splurge Day

Splurge day I think I have had a splurge day for around a week. I think today is worse though. I started off my morning by eating a Hardee's ham biscuit, and we shared two bags of mini snickers. That means I ate 15 and later right before lunch we shared a bag of peanut M&M's. The calories for just this morning was 1,155 and that is not including the half of a 12oz pepsi I had. Oh well instead of trying to make the rest of the day better I ate tuna and crackers for lunch and some sweet potatoes cooked with brown sugar, cinnamon and water, this was another 431 calories. I finished off supper with left over spaghetti  ad some peanut butter crackers another 780 calories. Making me 1,136 calories over my goal of 1230. WOW!! I hate when I get out of control. I made me a motivational weight loss project but it has not helped yet.

I did not put the weight I have already lost so it is empty.

There is always tomorrow.

I will do better tomorrow and I need to try and walk tomorrow. Thanks for stoping by.

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  1. I love those glasses with the glass balls. That's a good idea. I also like the sign. It is so easy to have a day like that. I am bad about eating junk and being disgusted and thinking this day is ruined, I might as well eat everything I want. Hang in there. At least you haven't gained your weight back, so you have a good start! You've got a lot of will power! I love you Vicki!


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