Friday, September 5, 2014

The storm

Lets see where do I start? We have been out of chicken for 7 days. We have had some crazy hot humid weather. The whole family has been right on the edge of illness (the least little things will set one of us off). The farmer has been working his but off trying to get all of his work done and it seems like everything that he does some thing else messes up or something crazy happens. He was trying to catch up on his mowing and the lawnmower threw a rock and hit my new car. It was down low  on the passenger side door, but it was a dent big enough for a ping pong ball to fit in it. Took it to the body shop and they took the dent out now we have to touch up the paint and put the sticker back on which makes me uneasy.  You know it is only a month old. We have not even ate anything in it yet trying to keep it new as long as we can. It is dirty right now because of the rain.

The dent after popped back out before sticker is applied. 
Speaking of rain boy did we get the rain last night. We slipped away for a few hours to Albemarle to see if we could find some sunglasses for him for his birthday. We stopped to get some gas and a rain storm came up with sideways rain and wind. Farmer got soaked just pumping a little gas under a big cover over the pumps. With lots of lighting. We left and the rain slacked off until we got about home. Then it starting pouring rain sideways again with lots of wind and lighting. We rode around the block seeing if the rain would slack off but it only got worse. We pulled into the driveway barley able to see for the hard rain and wind. A small limb hit the roof of the car so would move put to the chicken house to get away from trees. The doors on the chicken house were open because of working in them. The wind had blowed the boards that were holding the doors open down and the doors were swinging open and closed. Finally the rain started to ease up some so we decided to try going back down to the house. Coming down the drive to toward the house the first thing I noticed was that the bradford pear close to the fence had fell on the fence. The headlights caught the other tree and it was down also, right on farmers truck. We could not believe it. Farmer runs in the house and gets the umberellas and helped all of us get in.  Finally the rain stopped and we got the flashlight to go check on the truck. Farmer pulled it out and it was fine.It only bent the antenna. How lucky was that? The next morning I went out and took some pictures.
The view out the front door

The first tree in the row

The truck was in the little drive under the tree

Hit the edge of my flower bed

Messed up our maple tree

The one on the pasture

another view of the one on the pasture

It took all day to clean up the mess. As I am typing this farmer is still outside mowing up all the leaves and it is 8:00 at night. I will try to take some more pictures tomorrow after it is all cleaned up.

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  1. Vicki! What a mess! Do you have even one Bradford Pear left? I can't believe all that has happened this summer around your place...your sickness, all the bad colds, and now this. Good grief! I love you Vicki. Hope you all stay well.

  2. All of my bradford pears are gone and one of them took out part of my maple
    Love you to

  3. Oh noooo! If it wasn't for bad luck.... I really hope things turn around soon for you guys! Love the new car! I haven't been around much since going back to work so I didn't realize you had gotten that.


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