Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just a few things.....

I just thought I would catch up on a few things that have been going on around here. We have been picking up persimmons and I made 2 puddings. Man that were so good and I am really wanting another one I just might have to go pick me up a few more tomorrow and make me another one. If I do I will take a picture of them and the pudding. I have gotten really slack on taking pictures. I feel like I have ran out of things to take pictures of.  We also went to Carter's Farm in Eaglesprings and got a box of sweet potatoes. I love candied sweet potatoes. I wish I could get them a little crispy like my mom did, but mine are good enough. I know this sounds like really bad things to be eating while trying to lose weight and it is because of the sugar, and butter but I do have a horrible sweet tooth. Talking about my diet I have lost almost 2 more pounds since my last weight blog. Just 2.4 pounds and I will accomplish my goal. I guess I really don't need to make the persimmon pudding yet.

We rode over to the pasture and the donkeys were standing in the perfect spot for a great picture. 
Jennie and Valentine
I thought this was neat how the acorn landed on the barbwire and stuck on it.

Don't now what they are but I thought they were pretty

We were taking a ride in the country the other day and there was a small little rainbow shining through a cloud. I took a picture of it through the truck window so it did not turn out real clear but I still liked it.
so pretty

We also so a doe beside of the road. 

Today I had my yearly mammogram. I hate going to have them done but I do it to stay healthy and also because my mom had breast cancer and died from it. So I try to lose weight eat healthy and go to my yearly check ups. 

Well  I will close here and I hope to do better blogging and taking pictures.


  1. Here you are making persimmon puddings again. I want to make one so bad! I know of one tree around here but I am afraid to stop there. I'll bet your puddings taste just like mama's used to taste. Why didn't I plant a persimmon tree years ago! I just might do that this fall. I love candied sweet potatoes too but I cannot make them like mama did. Hers were sticky like candy. Mine are always just tender like they were boiled with sugar and butter. I finally gave up and don't even try anymore. Why don't you post how you make yours. Love your pictures! Love you too Vicki!

    1. That is the way mine turn out to but I like them so I just eat them LOL. I love sweet potatoes I have one that you do in the oven that is real good I will try to share it.
      Love you


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