Sunday, September 21, 2014

A little Reunion ....

Saturday September 20 I went to my first cousin's sons "Celebration before the I Do's" and it was his 33 birthday. Since my parents have passed away and grandparents my family on either side never get together any more. Times have changed so much and the younger generations does not know their cousins and extended family. While I was growing up I was close to all of my cousins. I spend the night with them and played with them a lot, but now I am lucky if I see any of them at all. We have all grown up and have families of our own. My moms side of the family stopped getting together after my granny died in 1989. I have cousins on that side of the family that I have not seen in 25 years and some of them longer than that. The cousins I was close to I see some times once a year or keep up with them on Facebook.

My 1st cousin Karen in the blue shirt.

My moms sister Aunt Betty

1st  cousins on the Moore's family

They wanted me to join there picture
Left to Right Vicki, Karen, Me, Judith Ann and Kim
I am 1st cousins to Karen and Kim and I am a cousin to Vicki

My moms sister in law Aunt Goody and her sister Darlene

Cousins The tall guy Chad in the middle and the beautiful girl Chasity are brother and sister .
Chad is the groom to be

It was a great time and great time visiting with my cousins I do not get to see often.

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  1. That was fun! I remember Goody and Betty. Your Aunt Betty still looks good. I remember the name Goody, but don't know if I ever met her. Glad you could get together with family. We don't do enough of that. I sure wish someone would get another family reunion going. If I knew where to begin, I might! :)


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