Friday, July 25, 2014

What a day!!!!

What a day!! Do you ever wish that sometimes you could get a break? I know I am a whiny person sometimes. I also know that there are a lot more worse things in this world to worry about than little petty things but sometimes a woman just needs to vent right?

I know I don't have many people reading my blog so I am not worried about what I am about to say. The world is crazy!!! I get so sick of hearing about all of the idiotic things that go on in this world today. Who ever said that money was the root to all evil was correct. Even though I know we have everything we need to survive it still seems like every time we turn around we need more money for something else. We always are having repairs. I am still feeling guilty because I ended up going to the emergency room when I got sick with my kidney infection. My goodness 1300 something dollars for me to get an iv and give an urine sample and antibiotics.I got a bill today for 500$ ER bill 30$ lab 5$ lab. We took are car to have the air bag light looked at and turned off and inspection. Was told that the sensor under passenger seat need to be replaced 600$ for the box not counting labor. We were also told we need new brakes 199$ for the front and 199$ for the back. Also had to have new windshield wipers in order to pass inspection 40$. We ended up spending 88$ on the car today. 112$ on tags and taxes.

Oh well the life of a farmer and his wife and family.

Now I am going to whine about my weight. I might as well get everything off my chest right? I have a lot of excuses why I have not lost anymore weight, but I know why. I have been working with an old high school friend trying to lose weight with. We have been doing this now for 2 weeks. The first week I gave the excuse of going to VBS that I was doing bad and not exercising. This week I have had a horrible cold that I must have caught  getting out in the world. I did walk 3 miles on my treadmill one day this week and the next day my lower back hurt and I was scared I was going to get another infection. I have eaten over my calories almost everyday. I am out of control. I also feel so whinny that I don't want to exercise. I am 47 years old and when I exercise I ache so bad that I don't want to do it. I always think that life is to short to ache this bad. But then I watch stuff like The Biggest Loser and and Extreme Weight loss and this people exercise really hard. Wait.........(here comes the excuse) I am older than most of these people. Are you really suppose to exercise and ache and take Ibuprofen everyday? I need to make up my mind what I want more in my life to lose weight and be healthy and achy or be happy and fat???

Thanks for listening to me whine....


  1. I like your first rant. Cars just drive you crazy. We never know how much our health costs individually. We do have to wait for some things.

  2. Cars are too expensive! I had to spend over $1000 on mine a few months ago. I understand the stress.

    I also understand the weight issue. I always have an excuse. The kids are up. Melia needs me. It's time to cook. I just ate (too much). I'm trying to get better at that. We'll get there!!!

  3. Good grief! When it rains it pours! That is a lot of expense. You have every right to whine. I hope things get better. And trying to diet is enough to drive a person crazy. I have finally stayed on my diet for two days now. I know you are probably thinking that I don't have that much weight to lose but I can't even lose 10 pounds. I have been gaining lately and at my age it all goes right to my middle. Shelby and Lynn both are skinny now and why can't I do it. I'm pulling for you Vicki. I love you!


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