Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday blues....

 The Old Farmer's Almanac lists the traditional period of the Dog Days as the 40 days beginning July 3rd and ending August 11th, coinciding with the ancient heliacal (at sunrise) rising of the Dog Star, Sirius. These are the days of the year with the least rainfall in the Northern Hemisphere.[dubious

I am having a really down day. You know that it is officially the " Dog Days Of Summer". It is so dry around here. The grass is drying up, the ground is cracked and every thing looks so sad and droopy. We had a greater chance of rain yesterday and today and tomorrow but so far we have not even gotten enough to settle the dust. I keep praying that the clouds will open up and the rain will come.

I am also aggravated with myself on over eating my calories. I will never meet my July goal at the rate that I am going. I have been eating a lot of corn on the cob!! I love corn on the cob in the summer. I can eat 4 ears and some other veggies and I am good. I was going to start walking again this week but I have been to lazy to do this to. To be truthful about it I am so scared of getting sick again it is not even funny. I don't want to have a kidney infection again. On top of all of the antibiotics I got a terrible yeast infections. I know this is probably to much information but I ended up being sick for around 4 weeks. I am ready to be healthy. I have been drinking cranberry juice and drinking a lot of water. I know I am complaining. There are a lot of other people who have true sickness and may never get better from it but when it is you going through it, it is so easy to complain.

I have been making humming bird food and watching the humming birds devour it. I counting 10 at one time at here eating. I love sitting and watching them.

Last night when the Farmer came back from the chicken house he called for me to come look out the door he thought that there was a flying squirrel laying on the branch in the big tree. I took my camera out to capture a picture of it. 

Baby birds sitting on a roosting on a branch together. 

I wish I had a better camera and the knowledge on how to use it. I am hoping I will get a new one this year. I just wish I new if I should get a one with changeable lenses or another automatic point and shoot. I just want a new one. I have noticed little things that are acting different on my camera and there is more blur when zooming in on a picture. Oh well maybe one day. Here I am complaining again instead of being thankful for what I have. 

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