Friday, July 11, 2014


We finally got some rain!! I am so happy we really needed it around here. Yesterday it looked like rain all day but it never really rained just a few drops here and there. Yesterday around 7:00 we decided to go try to catch a fish over at the pond and to put out the deer cam. While putting the camera out  sitting under the trees it started to rain. We sat under the trees for a little while and then made our way to the barn.

The cows were loving it.

Sitting under the barn

We had company in the barn Jenny and sweet Valentine was in there out of rain to

After the rain the sun came back out and so did a rainbow. 

We went to the pond and I took some pictures of some frogs that where hiding under the chair that were stacked up in the shelter. There were 4 frogs but they started jumping away before I could get my camera ready. 

Here are 3 of them 

The other one jump onto the floor. 

While I was taking pictures of the frogs, farmer was fishing, Seth was watching and Clay was swinging .

Well then we heard some thunder and decided we better head home since we were riding on the mule. 
We made it home way before it started raining again and it was going on 8:00 oclock. We had not had supper yet so we decided to have BLT's. I had to send the farmer out to get some bacon and man they were good. One of my favorites in the summer time. 

It was a better evening than I had during the day. It started raining again at 8:00 and it rained until 9:30. I know my garden and yard was loving it. We got .7 inches of rain

During the night another one my bradford pear trees split. 

I think the farmer is going to cut the tree completely down. I will take some pictures of the yard later if he does cut it or not. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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