Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Birthday

Today would be my moms birthday. I have missed 21 birthdays with her since we celebrated her last birthday. It was her 47th birthday and I had a lady at work to make her a cake of Sam's Drive-In. A place my mom loved to hang out when she was a teenager and a place where she meet my dad for the first time.

I can not believe that she has been gone this long. I will be turning 47 this April and this is so young for someone to have to leave the ones she loves.

Today is also my wonderful nephew Mason birthday. He is 11 years old today!! I know he probably thinks that I am the worst aunt ever for not spending one birthday with him but I have always called him and told him Happy Birthday. I wish with all my heart that things could be different and we could spend every birthday together and visit each other more often. I just pray that one day you will grow up and understand that my life is limited to where I get to visit because I have always got to think about Clay and what he can handle. My whole life evolves around my sons and their disabilities. I know right now it is hard to understand but I promise you one thing I am always a phone call away if you ever really need me I will be there. Love you  Mason. I also appreciate that you still let me hug you a lot when you get to come to my house at Christmas.

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  1. Oh, Your Mom's birthday. I can't believe that cake you had made. That is so special vicki. You were a good daughter! I didn't know that she met your Dad there. 47 is so young. Love you Vicki


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