Monday, November 25, 2013

Mama memories...

The holiday seasons always make me miss my mom more than any other time of the year. When I hear certain Christmas songs on the radio like "Silver Bells", "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus", or "Santa Claus is coming to town". My mama would  sing these  to me  in the car. Maybe because we always seem to be going somewhere. Another song she use to sing to me was How far is Heaven. My mom had a beautiful voice. She also had a beautiful handwriting. The reason for this story is I received a letter that my mom wrote to her first cousin Louvene 9 days before I was born. What a treasure to me and I shared it with my brother and sister. So I thought I would share it with you all. I don't have many followers but I know that Henny Penny will enjoy this letter since her brother is my dad and she and my mom were good friends

I bet that these are the pictures that she took at Easter with her new camera.

I wish mama or daddy was here so that I could ask them like "did she get to ride the roller coaster? " "Did you all live in an apartment?" with the weird address. Did daddy work with paw paw? Was that why you all were in PA to start with right? I only know the story that my mama told about riding in a big truck with her brother up there to be with my dad. She told me how he would not stop and let her go to the bathroom because he was on a schedule to deliver his load. I had told Frank when we got married that on our 25th wedding anniversary that I want to go and see where I was born, but now I am not sure because I have no one to tell me what to go and see. I feel sad just thinking about it. Why did I not find out more things while they were alive? Why did they have to be taken from me so young. There are so many times that I need their advice, their wisdom or just a hug and I love you! I am typing through tears because I miss them to much especially during the holiday. You know I could kick my self for not having any pictures of my dad and his first grandson. He even came and visited me and Seth in the hospital, but he only lived 6 months after Seth was born and I only think he saw him that one time. I have a few with mom and Seth but she was usually sick or she did not want me to take pictures of her without her wig. Oh I have got to stop. This was suppose to be a happy blog about the letter. 

Miss you mom and dad!!
Love Vicki


  1. You have me in tears! That letter is awesome! And I'm so glad you have it! Your mom sounds like a fun, sweet person...a lot like you! :) I think you turned out to be a pretty great "it" as you were called in the letter. lol.

  2. I loved how she called me "it" to!! thanks

  3. My dear sweet Vicki,

    You have me crying too. What a touching, sweet post. It makes me miss your Mom. She was so much fun to be with and I always loved the way she laughed. What you wrote was beautiful. Your Mother did a good job raising you all. She was a good person. I love the pictures. Don't they look old fashioned..I love you Vicki! Aunt Melba

  4. Oh, Vicki! What a sweet letter. I can almost hear Shirley saying those words as I read them. I remember how your mom and my mom would sometimes end up together on a weekend, sitting at the house, and they would laugh at us kids. Mama would stir up some fudge or make a chocolate pie! I know you miss your mom and dad. I love you!



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