Friday, November 15, 2013

Day on the farm

Today I thought I always have a hard time coming up with something to write on my blog, so I decided to start writing some about time on the farm. For the past few weeks we have been cleaning out the chicken houses. The boys have enjoyed watching their daddy drive the bobcat cleaning out liter and pops driving the tractor with the spreader
After about 100 loads of chicken manure spread on every pasture in the neighborhood. Next is spraying disinfected and washing down the walls and fans. Yesterday we helped Frank wash fans until the farmer got ill and the farmers wife went home. Ha Ha!!
Today Frank and his dad is putting shavings in the chicken houses. We watched for a while until Clay was ready to go in.

I also was inspired by my cousin to make and grapevine wreath. I think I did a very good job for the first time.
Now to decorate it. I want to fix it up for Christmas.


  1. Vicki, your farm is very pretty, and all that equipment! Any man would love all that! Ha ha. Your wreath is great. Aren't they fun to make? I love making things like that.


  2. Now that's a farm! Was the farmer Frank and you the farmer's wife?? :)
    I know how that feels! Your wreath turned our good! I love you!
    Henny Penny

  3. Yes and it just happens sometimes when you just don't want to hear their fussiness. Thank you I am going to add some stuff to it as soon as I get to go to some craft stores and look around.


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