Monday, November 25, 2013

Another lost....

I can not believe that in less than 2 months I know four people who have passed away. Waylon Davis: Frankie's great uncle, Chris Thomas: Frankie's 3rd cousins husband and he worked with him and his family at the mill. A young man that went to school with my boys Eric Bowles. The fourth person is my 1st cousin Chris Hussey. I can not believe this. His ex wife just let me know at 9:30 tonight that they found him died this afternoon. Don't know yet why or how. I just can not believe this. We have been bust buds for years when we were kids. We have spent a many summers together, swimming, riding go-carts, shooting bb guns and much much more. We lived with him and his family for a year, they have helped my mom and dad many times and now he is gone. His mama and daddy are both passed, he has been separated from his wife for around a year. No blood children but 3 step kids. He has a half brother that lives in New Orleans and his mom's sister and he has an aunt on his dad side alive. I just can not believe it. I love you Chris and I will miss you!


  1. Oh Vicki, I can not believe Chris is dead! I just called Lynn and told her. I am so sorry to hear that. Chris is young too, isn't he? I really don't know his age. Hope you are okay Vicki, and hope you don't get anymore bad news for a while! Love, Aunt Melba


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