Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thanksgiving day has been a good one. I did not have to cook anything today, we just went an ate with my mother-in-law Judy Garner. 
Great food not the best picture but it was delicious.

I also crochet a sashay scarf. I think it was a pretty good for my first try. 

I also made some cute wooden snowmen ornaments These were fun. 
my yellow snowman ornament

Red snowman ornament

Green snowman ornament

Blue snowman ornament
 I also finished my grapevine wreath. I added some pine cones, red berries and a country bow. I found this idea on pinterest as well as the others. 
I bought me a piece of flannel for a tree skirt I was thinking I would have loved to had some of my dads red flannel shirts to have made one. I love this one with the burlap garland. I put up one more tree 
I love the little white pot. Frank and I found it in the woods. 
Well Thanksgiving has been good at my house. Clay was upset because he wanted a present but he was patient waiting to see if he would get on at mamaw's house. When he had enough waiting to see if he was going to get a present he was ready to go home. He is so rotten. I am so thankful that God picked me to give these two special young men to. I have cried and asked why many times and on days that Fragile X hits our family hard, but in the end I love them with all my heart and would not change a thing about them. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Another lost....

I can not believe that in less than 2 months I know four people who have passed away. Waylon Davis: Frankie's great uncle, Chris Thomas: Frankie's 3rd cousins husband and he worked with him and his family at the mill. A young man that went to school with my boys Eric Bowles. The fourth person is my 1st cousin Chris Hussey. I can not believe this. His ex wife just let me know at 9:30 tonight that they found him died this afternoon. Don't know yet why or how. I just can not believe this. We have been bust buds for years when we were kids. We have spent a many summers together, swimming, riding go-carts, shooting bb guns and much much more. We lived with him and his family for a year, they have helped my mom and dad many times and now he is gone. His mama and daddy are both passed, he has been separated from his wife for around a year. No blood children but 3 step kids. He has a half brother that lives in New Orleans and his mom's sister and he has an aunt on his dad side alive. I just can not believe it. I love you Chris and I will miss you!

Mama memories...

The holiday seasons always make me miss my mom more than any other time of the year. When I hear certain Christmas songs on the radio like "Silver Bells", "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus", or "Santa Claus is coming to town". My mama would  sing these  to me  in the car. Maybe because we always seem to be going somewhere. Another song she use to sing to me was How far is Heaven. My mom had a beautiful voice. She also had a beautiful handwriting. The reason for this story is I received a letter that my mom wrote to her first cousin Louvene 9 days before I was born. What a treasure to me and I shared it with my brother and sister. So I thought I would share it with you all. I don't have many followers but I know that Henny Penny will enjoy this letter since her brother is my dad and she and my mom were good friends

I bet that these are the pictures that she took at Easter with her new camera.

I wish mama or daddy was here so that I could ask them like "did she get to ride the roller coaster? " "Did you all live in an apartment?" with the weird address. Did daddy work with paw paw? Was that why you all were in PA to start with right? I only know the story that my mama told about riding in a big truck with her brother up there to be with my dad. She told me how he would not stop and let her go to the bathroom because he was on a schedule to deliver his load. I had told Frank when we got married that on our 25th wedding anniversary that I want to go and see where I was born, but now I am not sure because I have no one to tell me what to go and see. I feel sad just thinking about it. Why did I not find out more things while they were alive? Why did they have to be taken from me so young. There are so many times that I need their advice, their wisdom or just a hug and I love you! I am typing through tears because I miss them to much especially during the holiday. You know I could kick my self for not having any pictures of my dad and his first grandson. He even came and visited me and Seth in the hospital, but he only lived 6 months after Seth was born and I only think he saw him that one time. I have a few with mom and Seth but she was usually sick or she did not want me to take pictures of her without her wig. Oh I have got to stop. This was suppose to be a happy blog about the letter. 

Miss you mom and dad!!
Love Vicki

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Busy and Behind

Well all week I have been busy but I have also been behind. I have been helping Frank (farmer) get the chicken houses ready for baby chicks today. They will be arriving around 7:00 and 9:00 this evening. I have never been up there when we get baby chicks and I don't think I will go tonight either. I will take some pictures of them later.This is what we have been up to. Lowering feed lines and drinker lines. Putting out feed pans and lighter brooder heaters.
Frank and Seth busy fixing the feed hoppers.
 Frank taking the cows a roll of hay.
 Henny Penny gave me the idea to get out and rack leaves to burn some calories so we all got out and raked the front yard. we cheated a little bit. After we got big piles Frank brought in the bobcat and pushed the piles out into the woods and Seth finished up with the leave blower. We only got one side of the front yard done and it took an hour to do this. There was a lot of leaves.
The things that I am behind on are cleaning the house, washing clothes and finish putting up my tree. 
I am not done yet there is something missing but I am not sure what it is yet. I love my rustic star and I used the idea of putting my tree in a old wash tub but the tree itself is missing something. I just got to figure out what it is??

Well I better get busy I am still behind you know. I hear the laundry calling my name. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

A warm day!

It has been a really warm day today. I got to enjoy being outdoors a little while today. I am getting excited about decorating for Christmas! Christmas and I have a love hate situation. I love Christmas, decorating the trees, getting and receiving gifts, and family. I hate Christmas because I miss my parents, my extended family and my brother and sister. Oh well that is not what I was going to blog about. I wanted to make a star to go on top of my tree today. I found this cool rustic star on pinterest so I decided to make it today.
 I Love it and I can not wait to get my Christmas tree up. I have and idea that I also saw on pinterest were you put your tree in a wash tub. I went out to Frank's grandma and borrowed one from her. I will take pictures of it once I get it up.

I also love to take pictures of things on the farm. One day I was going to work and I saw a cow in my in-laws pasture sitting like a dog. I thought something was wrong with it so I called Larry to tell him. He said that it was their bull Mac and he sits like this sometimes. So my mother in law Judy took this picture of him a few days later.
 Sunday morning when I was coming home from Sunday school I saw Mac out sitting close to the road. I just loved how he was sitting among the cows and in the fog. So I just had to take his picture. I just love the look on his face. I just find this hilarious  that he is probably around 1600 pounds and sits like a dog.
Thanks for reading.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Day on the farm

Today I thought I always have a hard time coming up with something to write on my blog, so I decided to start writing some about time on the farm. For the past few weeks we have been cleaning out the chicken houses. The boys have enjoyed watching their daddy drive the bobcat cleaning out liter and pops driving the tractor with the spreader
After about 100 loads of chicken manure spread on every pasture in the neighborhood. Next is spraying disinfected and washing down the walls and fans. Yesterday we helped Frank wash fans until the farmer got ill and the farmers wife went home. Ha Ha!!
Today Frank and his dad is putting shavings in the chicken houses. We watched for a while until Clay was ready to go in.

I also was inspired by my cousin to make and grapevine wreath. I think I did a very good job for the first time.
Now to decorate it. I want to fix it up for Christmas.

Monday, November 11, 2013


We all hate bad news. I don't know which is worse the kind that is unexpected or the kind that we know that is going to happen but just don't want to give into it. Yesterday we had a really good day. The boys and I went to Sunday school and then we went to the Thornburg farm and took a hike. This weekend was a lot better than last weekend. I blogged about last weekend but I have a hard time sharing my fragile x world with others. I am always afraid someone will judge me and my family. Here is a picture of us sitting in one of the old barns on the farm.

Frankie's parents came and took a walk with us and took some pictures. We a had a really good day. We got a Little Caesars pizza and came home. We lounged around the house the rest of the evening and while looking at facebook we realized that something was going on with some of our extended family on Frank's side of the family. We had seen that an accident had happened out on fire tower rd. in Eaglesprings, but I did not take the time to read it because I figured it was no one I knew. Then a little later I saw some friends were posting on Frank's cousins site that they where praying for her family. I was wondering why they were praying for her family again. I knew it had only been a few weeks that her father died of cancer. More post popped up about and accident on fire tower rd. young man airlifted to chapel hill, and more post about praying for the Thomas family. So I started inquiring to my friends to find out what  was going on. My husbands 2nd cousins husband had been out on his sons dirt bike when someone came by and hit him and left him in the road. Another car came by and found him in the road. This really shook me up. I can only imagine how she is feeling and her son. I cried for a while not being able to get it off of my mind was he going to be okay. Surely she would not lose her husband like this. Around 10:00 or after her sister came on facebook and I asked her for an update and he had passed away. How does this happen?? How does a family have a good day and it end so bad? I have no words of comfort I just hugged my husband and told him how much I love him to be so very careful. I love him so much, he is my rock that keeps me going. I need him everyday, every minute every second. Please God watch over my family. Amen

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Clay's Birthday!!!

18 years ago today I gave birth to my precious little boy Clay Joseph Garner. I remember how scared I was having him because while pregnant with him I had found out I was a carrier of Fragile X Syndrome and that I had a 50/50 chance passing it to my second son. Well everyone knows how that turned out. I have two special sons that I passed a broken X chromosome to that I had no idea that this genetic defect was in my family. Now back to the happy part. My baby son is 18 years old today!! I no longer have any babies. Time goes by way to fast. It is so hard to look at him and not see my baby.

Now he is 18 years old and still my handsome blue eyed boy. 

Happy Birthday sweet boy! I love you with all of my heart!