Saturday, September 28, 2013

What a week!!!

This has been one trying week. Driving to Pinehurst twice for mammograms and ultra sounds. Clay getting aggravated several time and one of the time he cracked his sleigh bed. Not exercising but one time this week and blowing my dieting over the mountain today. I started off really well but ended it with a bang. I had a bacon cheddar burger from Hardee's about 5 fries, I had 1/2 a piece of cake, sausage balls, chicken salad finger sandwiches on crescent bread, and a ham and swiss cheese on Hawaiian bread. Man all of the food good but I am full as a tick. Oh yeah I forgot I ate a milky way caramel candy bar. Oh well I will make up for it tomorrow.  


  1. Hey Sweet Vicki! I am sorry I have been behind on reading. I am behind on everything this week. :) I had a mammogram scare a few years back. No fun. Had a stereotactic biopsy, but thankfully it was all benign. I am very glad to hear Randy is on the mend. I love you all! And about going off the diet, I did horribly last week, but am back on track now (I think!!). Love you!!! You will get on track again and do well! I know you will! I loved seeing pictures of your home!

    Love you!

  2. What a week you had! I am so thankful you and Randy are okay. I seriously hope 2014 will be better for us all. Also hope I'm still around!! :) Love you Vicki!! Melba


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