Monday, September 2, 2013


Hello everybody, I am still trying to adjust to not getting up every morning and taking the kids to school or going to work. I have tried to organize, plan, or get crafty or anything but I start it or think about it and that is as far as it gets. I was thinking today that I would like to make a planner/organizer to buy and try new recipes. I got out the the 2 notebooks I had as an idea, kind of pictured in my head. Like having pockets,  cardstock to post recipes  or write notes or grocery list on.  I looked up some ideas on pinterest but I could not find what I had pictured in my mind and I stopped. I had plans to start exercising and eating right starting today but so far that has been a no go. I need some motivation, some get up off your but and do something productive. Maybe I will go walk on my treadmill ......
This is the two books that I got out to try to plan an organizer out of. The green one is new it has a purple pocket binder  like to put  coupons in and it has pockets to put stuff in but nothing to write on. The white one has recipes in it that I have accumulated from weight watchers. 

All right I went and walked on my treadmill for 3 minutes and 54 seconds before I was called upon by Clay to make him some soup, popcorn and kool-aide. I do not have any music to walk to because Clay will not let me have my iphone because I took away his ipod that is another story for another day. Seth will not let me use his nano, ipod or iphone to listen to music so that I will not be so bored to walk. I lifted my weights for the count of 15 for 3 different areas of the arms. Then Clay wanted something on tv. Oh well I will try again. I did not make it. Oh well I will try for longer tomorrow


  1. Vicki, good for you for exercising today, even if just a little bit! It's more than I did, but I did have to go wash some clothes at the laundry room at the apt. complex, and that was heavy lifting and climbing up and down stairs, so I counted that! LOL. I enjoyed reading about your vacation and the wildlife, and your sweet boys. :) You are doing an awesome job!


    1. Thanks Lynn, I have enjoyed your blog for a long time!! I think it is a great way to stay close to your family!

      Love Vicki

    2. Hang in there Vicki. Every time I think about exercising, I think ... I'll start tomorrow!! I know how you feel about getting started on something. I can't get back into sewing and making dolls, no matter how I try! Now that August is past (the depressing month):) We will all get to feeling better! Now we can look forward to Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, and snow!! I love you, Aunt Melba

    3. Henny Penny, I just love you!! I think January is a depressing month I am looking forward to Halloween I have saw several wreaths I would like to make for halloween but Christmas is my favorite I love making Christmas ornaments!!


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