Friday, September 6, 2013

21 years.....Really has it been that long?

21 years ago on a Sunday I was on my last week of pregnancy and was due on September the 9th 1992.
I got up that morning  getting a shower, dressed and heading to the hospital to visit my mom. I was getting excited because it was only 3 more days until my baby boy was suppose to enter the world. Frankie and I head to Pinehurst to spend most of the day with my mom. Her cancer had returned after 13 years of being cancer free. When we got to the hospital I told Frankie I just did not think I could walk up the hill from the parking lot today. I had walked it every time we had been to the hospital but today I just did not feel up to it. By the time we got to moms room I was tuckered out. Mom said I think you are going to have this baby today. I told her no it is not time, the doctor said I would probably go over with my first child. I did feel weird and I could not stay out of the bathroom but I just thought I was getting closer to delivery. It was getting around 3:00 oclock and we decided to head out and go see Frankie's granny Mabe. We usually would go visit her on Sunday evenings. So I head to the bathroom one more time and I think I see a little blood but I could not be for sure it could be wishful thinking. I tell my mom any way and she said you might as well stay here you are going to be turning around and heading right back down here. I just laughed and said yeah right. Frankie and I left and heading toward Star, NC to see Granny Mabe. Granny was cooking chicken and dumplings and I was getting hungry. Great-grandpa Banner came by to visit with us a while and was going to eat with us. I am sitting at the table and I feel a gush of water and I head to the bathroom. I come back out and I tell everyone that my water has just broke. Then the pain starts. I tell Frankie to start timing how far apart they are to see if we need to call the doctor or not.
Me at my baby shower.
The pain keeps getting worse and Grandpa Banner said "I am going home I don't want no part of this" Bless his heart he has already been through the birth of his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great -great -grandchildren. I truly understood and was ready to head to the hospital myself to deliver my wonderful son!! We took Granny Mabe with us and off we went to Pinehurst! I was so glad that she was able to be a part of this special moment with her first grandson and another great grandson on his way! Frankie's parents were at Laura's and my mom was in the hospital. Well it took a while for
Seth Thomas Garner 
to make his arrival but here he is!! 8lbs 5oz. and 21 inches long.

On September 7, 1992. 
We had lots of visitors that morning, my mom got to come up from her floor and visit, Judy, Larry, and Laura came. My dad even came to see his first grandson. The sad thing is that I was so excited from having a baby that I did not think about taking pictures of all of the special moments. It makes me so sad not to have one picture of my dad with my son. (tears). Dad did not live but six months after Seth was born.
Seth and I when we arrived home.
Thought I would share this picture of my mom pregnant with me her first born child.


  1. Vicki, what a good post. Guess you know I'm crying. Little Seth! I didn't realize he was born on Sept. 7th. Andee was born on Sept 8th. Virgos!! You were beautiful pregnant! Oh, that picture of your mom. She was so beautiful! I love that picture. I enjoyed reading this and seeing these pictures. Time goes by too fast. I love you.

    Aunt Melba

  2. Love this post, Vicki! Tell Seth happy birthday from Mrs. Kidd! Love the pictures and the story of his arrival! He looked like he was all arms and legs.

  3. Hello! I had forgotten that Seth was born the day before Andee's birthday, until recently. Sounds like he got a lot of birthday wishes on FB. :) I love these old pictures. Your mom was beautiful and so are you.

    Love you!

    PS -- Oh, and your mom was right, wasn't she! It was the baby on its way!


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