Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 33 Friends Stick Together

I am down to no friends. I use to have lots of friends to go on diets with but life gets busy and people go on with their lives. Don't get me wrong I have work friends but none of them want to lose weight. I need more friends but, no one wants to make time to be friends everyone is busy in their own little lives. This world and every part of it as gone berserk. Night before last at a movie theater in Aurora CO. a 24 year old man comes in and starts shooting and let out gas to confuse the people in the theater. How is this fair? I am sick of the craziness that is happening in this world. My nephew who is turning 18 years old today as been in the marines for one week. He is just a baby and all I can think about is that stupid movie Full metal jacket. I pray every night for him and all of the other service men that are protecting us everyday. We find so many things to complain about every day but is are life really that bad. We love feeling sorry for ourselves but if we just rely on God we would be so much better off.  

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