Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 31 Just a day in the Park

Okay, As a family we hike and go to a lot of parks, but we don't always eat healthy. Today's challenge is to plan outdoor activities this week. Well no doubt I can do that. Yesterday we went to Morrow Mountain and walk down a trail, but we ate at Hardee's not a very healthy option. Today we went to the pool and we came back by Hardee's again today. The boys do eat chicken and small fries, and yesterday I had a big twin and today I had a little thick burger with fries. I don't know how we could get   healthier choices for the boys they only want chicken tenders were ever you eat out. They are not to big on veggies, cheese, bread, or much of anything that is good for you. I know I am giving excuses I can eat healthy and try to get some healthier choice in for the boys. Ok!! Healthier food!!

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